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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Boy it is Quiet....

This evening to keep the boys' mind off the fact that their daddy was leaving, I made them ice cream sandwhiches from vanilla ice cream and soft chocolate chip cookies. Tucker loved them!! Well I got Bry his and Remi woke up and needed to be changed. So I carried her into our room and I was giggling with here until I realized..I do not hear Bryken. Generally, when I can not hear Bryken it is not a good thing for example, a few days ago he grabbed a knife out of the dishwasher and cut a hole in our banana anyways I knew it couldnt be good. So as I came around the corner this what I saw....

Totally exhausted!! What a cute kid!!! He just wore himself out.

Remington's First Pictures!!!

She looks so chubby in this picture!! I love it! She is actually very petit. She is so long and skinny. She is taking after her daddy for sure!!!

Oh how I love this little girl!!! She is so amazing! I am so lucky to have her in my life.
She has brought so much to our little family! She is starting to babble and she is a little smiler. In these pictures she was 6 weeks old, and boy did she pull the diva card early! We are going to have our hands full!

I love this little picture, it shows her goofy personality. I love her blue eyes!!!

I can not wait to get our family pictures done in JUNE by Chelsey!! It is going to be so much fun! I have to say that I have the cutest kids around LOL!

Playing Outside

Yesterday the boys were finally able to get out and have some fun in the sun! They have been dying to turn on their tunes and drive around in their jeep that they got for their birthday. It was a lot of fun. They went through all 4 batteries LOL. They rode around for hours. It was so great to be outside and enjoy the nice weather. I cant wait for next weekend when we can all hang out whether we chose to go to Malad to camp or we just stay home and go fishing and riding up here. Tucker is the little driver and Bryken just loves to be the passenger. Tucker kept on changing the stations and Bryken hated it when they stopped. One time, when the battery died, Bryken jumped out and pushed the jeep...I didnt say TRIED he DID!! LOL! I love these two little guys so much! They are very busy and keep us on or toes but we would not have it any other way!!!

Remi's Blessing

We blessed Remi May 1, 2011 here in Idaho Falls. My dad gave an amazing blessing and Tucker got up and boar his testimony for the first time. He was so cute!! He wanted to go up with him and so of course, once I was up there, I had to bear mine as well...I have not done that in a really long time!! I do have to say that it made me realize that I have missed that as well. After, the blessing we came to our place and has some yummy food. I made ham filled with stuffing and then topped with an apricot sauce. We also had funeral potatoes and homemade rolls. Brad dipped strawberries and pineapple in chocolate and then I made a peaches n cream and an apples n cream dessert. It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am sitting here tonight with insomnia once again..this seems to happen to me quite often lately, and I was reading through some blogs. I came across one off of Shayla's blog..her friend Megan had a posting from someone titled "Widowed at ". I was curious and wow..I should not have read that blog. It was the sadest thing that I have read in a long time. This young girl from snowville, I think that I know her in fact, lost her young 22 year old husband just over a month ago to cancer. I read the blog that they created together that went through his fight with the cancer and then she posted a link to her own that she started after he passed away..I just have to say that I am soooooo greatful to have my husband still here with us. I sit around and mope about only seeing him for 1 1/2 days a week, but atleast he is here and I can hear his voice every day and know that he will be coming through our front door eventually. I love Brad so much, and to think of life without him...I would be devastated. He had a dream a month or so ago that totally freaked him out, and I have to say it scared me too. I am so greatful to have him in my life and to have these three amazing children...I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who adores me and our children. I just cant even say enough about him..he is my best friend and the love of my life..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Been Rough...

I was going to post something last week on the 2 year date of Tracy passing away but I just couldnt. It has beeen really hard on all of us to have him gone. I know that we will never understand why he was called back to heavenly father so soon, and we all think about all the good times that we had together. My sisters and I were talking about how much fun we use to have herding cows and how we would eat powdered donuts and drink pepsi in the back of Bompa's truck. Tracy always had a piece of straw in his mouth that he of course, took out of the bed of the truck! He was my best buddy, and I looked up to him so much! I am so lucky to have been so close to him and have the memories that we have. I never really knew how much pain he was really in. We talked a lot in the last couple months of his life about heartache and pain...I had been there and done that...Tracy was so strong for a long time...I know that drugs are a never ending battle when you are in recovery, and knowing that one hit can take all the pain away for a moment...I totally understand why he took that last resort so that he could feel happy for a moment and let the real life struggles that he was facing, lay aside for a moment. I hate that moment..I hate the fact that he was in so much pain...I hate the fact that Sharon did not care and all she wanted to do was hurt him! He was the best daddy, and that little Italia...well she looks just like him and she is so lucky to have him as her daddy!!! All the pain that is now focussed on my Aunt Ellie and Uncle Tracy is terrible..I can not believe that Tracy's ex is being so selfish!! Tracy, we miss you!! We miss your laugh and the way that you always spoke your mind. I can not remember a family get together that you and your mom did not have a debate about something, it use to crack me up!! You are so stubborn! We love you!!!

My Little Tucker

Yesterday as Brad was getting the stroller out of the car, two little tools fell out and we knew that they were from Harbor Frieght. Oh my heck, all we could think was that our 6 year old son had his first encounter with shoplifting! Brad went in and talked to Tucker and told him that we do not take things from stores without paying for them and that he had to take the two tools back and apologize. As we were driving to Harbor Frieght, Tucker told us, "I am a little shy to take those back." Brad and I lectured him about right choices and after a long 15 min. conversation, Brad asked Tucker how in the world he got them out of the store. The converstation went like this..
"Tucker did you put them in your pocket?"
"Well then how did you carry them out of the store?"
"I didnt dad, I put them in the cart."
Brad and I looked at eachother because we didnt have a cart that day, I was pushing Remi and Bry in the stroller. Then it dawned on us...Tucker put the tools in the stroller, just like he does all the time at Walmart in the shopping cart, and we either see it and put it back, or we pay for it. We realized that in all reality, Tucker didnt really shoplift, he just put what he wanted in the "cart" and didnt tell us. Geez!! So, we felt better about the fact that Tucker hadnt really made a bad choice in stealing. We took the tools back and the manager told us that it was nice to see honest people around who would bring in a .99 cent clipper set and a .50 cent screwdriver. We have to teach our children honesty. I mean in the begining we are responsible for teaching them right from wrong, I hope that Brad and I are doing a good job! I am thankful that my parents taught me so well, and that Brad's parents taught him as well. I always praise my sweet children, but for once I have to give Brad a pat on the back for handling the situation and showing Tucker that even if we make a mistake, we have to make it right, even if it was an accident!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Missin' our Bike....

My mother in law had her bike painted and it is sweeeet! It really makes me miss our bike...I have seen so many people out riding today and it makes my heart sink. Having our Harley was something that we really enjoyed. I loved riding the bike and just feeling free. It was really something that Brad and I did that was "us" was great. I just have to remember that we will get a new bike someday....even if I do wish it was now. I am really missing jumpin on the bike with my in laws and going cruisin'...I have the cutest Harley riding boots and my Harley helmet is super cute...I hope that they wont be in storage for too long..this summer is going to be really sad for me because we did so much on our bikes last summer. We rode to Lava, Snowville, The Golden Spike, and then just took some scenic rides other times. It was a great time!!! Soooo to my harley...

Dear Harley

I Miss you and how amazing it was to go out riding. I am so glad that we had our time together and how much fun it was to go cruisin with my best friend and my fun and crazy in laws :)! I hope that we will meet again someday and I can have that feeling again of peace and the wind flying through my long red locks of hair LOL. I hope that I can wear "clangy" earrings again and have Brad tell me how annoying they are "clanging in the damn wind" LMAO!! Until we meet again Harley, thank you for the time I had with you!! You were amazing!!


A Love Sick Harley Rider......

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

This year for mothers day my husband bought me a gun.....okay he probably bought him a gun but I guess mothers day and all was a great excuse LOL! It is actually a nice gun, it has two stocks so it can be a youth size for me LOL and then can change into a perfect gun for Brad too. We went out shooting yesterday and I have to say that I did a good job. Then we went mudding in the Ford and to end the great day we went to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt. I not only wanted to take a little time and say how much I love my mom but also to talk about my journey. I love my mom! She is so amazing! I remember being a teenager and thinkin that she was ridiculous and that I would never want her advice. Now, I call her all the time. She is an amazing mother and friend. I love being able to call her to vent or talk about how our days have been. When I had Remi I was so lucky to have her up here to help me and to take care of my boys. I love how happy and cheery she is all the time, and how she can always make me laugh with the silly things she does when I truly think to myself that she should have been a blonde LOL!!!

Today for mothers day I had a really great kids and I went to church after only being there for Rem's blessing last week, and the last time we went before that was 9 weeks ago....anyways, I was sitting in Sunday School when a Sister from the Primary came in and was looking all around..she spotted me and motioned to me to come over to her. I walked out with Remi in my arms, and she asked if I would help out in primary. I told her that I would but I never knew what was in store for me...I have been really on the edge lately between school and missing my husband that I have snapped at my kids more often, especially my sweet Tucker. So today in primary, there was a little girl who was OUT OF CONTROL. She would run out one door and then out another and she was yelling and hitting and oh after singing time we went to class....she ran away from us so I followed her and eventually caught her and drug her back to class. Once we were in the class room, she threw and chair and knocked over three standing chairs that hit a little boy who was sitting down. At that point, her teacher and I decided it was time to find her mother. So I drug her once again, with Remi still sleeping in my arms, to find her mom. It made me so truly greatful for my little ones, and my biggest lesson in church today was how much I love and appreciate my children who love me even after I have yelled at them and stilll smile when they see me and run to hug me. I love being a mother and a wife. My husband is so amazing and I look forward to the day when we are all in the same house again. My kids are so specail to me. Tucker is so smart and he is my little buddy! Bryken is growing up so fast! And my sweet little Remi...ahhh I could just hold them all forever! I thank my heavenly father for letting me have these three little children in my home and for all the lessons that they teach me every single day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


People kill me!!! I mean okay, not all of us have an addiction to buying clothing for our children, but I do and I will admit it! However, it is not very often that I buy them at full price. I look for great deals..for instance I bought long sleeve shirts for my kids for this winter for $2.99 each from Gymboree! I mean come on, that is cheaper than a Walmart shirt. Anyways, the point is that I mostly have name brand stuff, and I may get it for cheap but that does not mean that I am willing to sale it after it has only been worn a few times for .25! Get real!!! I am not out to screw anyone by any means but I dont want to get screwed either......ok now that I am done venting if you need any boy clothing up to 24 months hit me up!!! I have things priced from .50-$3.00 LOL!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Couponing is Fun to Do..

My latest shopping trips have been hepling me stock up on things for our annual Memorial Day Camping Trip LOL! I just had to blog about my latest acheivments..
1-23.4 oz Enfamil Acid Reflux formula
2-Colgate Total Whitning toothpastes
5-Totinos Pizzas
1-Gallon of Milk
1-package of 12 Schick disposable razors
8-2 Liter bottles of Pepsi products
1-Bag Tostinos Chips
1-jar Tostinos Salsa con Queso dip
2-Bar J Hot dogs
5-Barilla Pasta (2 fettuccine, 1 Spagetti, 2 bow ties)
5-Hunts Pasta sauces 26 oz.
2- boxes of Capri Suns

The grand total was $49.78!!!!

Remi at 2 Months

Well Monday was Remi's 2 month check up. She is a petit little thing....23 inches long and 10 pounds 2 ounces. She can sill wear her newborn sleep n plays and onesis. Dr. Cottrell said that she is very alert and seems to be growing perfectly. She smiles and coos at me and boy does she love her daddy. She had to get her shots as well....that was terrible. My boys cried for a second but once I picked them up it was o.k......not this little miss! She cried forever and I felt so bad!! She is sleeping pretty good at night and boy is she a cuddle bug. I was so blessed to be able to take her with me to work until this last Monday. She is such great therapy LOL! She lets me paint her toes...well kinda she is usually asleep LOL and she hates her bows. I put them on her anyways of course. I am loving watching her grow. She is so precious and she is the perfect last piece to our little puzzle.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Couponing is Addicting!

So I am officially addicted to couponing. I am not crazy addicted like the people on Extreme Couponing, I only buy what we use, but I still enjoy it way too much!! Today at Albertsons I made a killing!
2-General Mills Cocoa Puffs 13 oz.
1-General Mills Golden Grahams 13 oz.
1-Natures Valley Oats and Chocolate box of granola bars
1-Natures Valley Oats and Almonds box of granola bars
1-bobby pins
1-Super Lash Cover Girl Mascara
1-12 Double Rolls Ultra Soft Charmini toilet paper
2-Ball Park Franks
2-Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
1-1080 mL Tide Ultra Stain Reliver
1-Oreo Cookie package
4- Yoplait Yogurts
And the grand total was $32.36!!! I saved over $46.00!!!

The next place to hit tomorrow is Walgreens. I but formula for Remi that costs me $26.00 because of her acid reflux...well Walgreens has it for $21.00 and then a few other sweet deals on stuff. I am sure that I will have to post about that trip tomorrow LOL! Saving money is great!! Go budget Mama's!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More from Easter

Tucker and his dad went out in the field and played with their airplanes. Tucker and Brad are best buddies. Tucker wants to be just like him!!

Remi and I pretty much kept out of the wind. When the kids did the easter egg hunt in the pond, Kelle held Rem. It was a nice day!

Bry is getting so big! He found so many eggs by himself! He loves to play outside. We had to put latches on our doors at home to keep the little man in. He is very fast too!

Bry loves it when Brad tosses him in the air, it scares me! Bry cant get enough!

Bryken is Daddy's little sidekick. He just wants to be where ever Brad is all the time. It is so sweet! It does not matter where we are as long as Brad has him he is good.

Brad and his sister Brooke!

I love to play softball!! Brad threw me a few pitches and because I am the best *lol* I hit it everytime! I could probably play softball all day!!