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Monday, November 29, 2010

How could I forget?

I do not know how I forgot to post our Halloween pictures! WOW! This year Tucker had his first halloween party and he had a great time. He was the cutest little cowboy ever. Bryken was a pot of was so cute!!! We did the traditional trick-or-treat in Malad with the family, it was a good time. We went with Bri and Kelty while mom did the trunk or treat, we definetly decided that adding two kids next year will mean we need all hands on deck. Brad was in Wyoming working and Matt didnt think that taking four little ones out in the snow sounds too amusing! We had fun though and the kids got way too much candy!

Our Thanksgiving

Brad had to work Thanksgiving this year so I did our dinner Monday night. We had turkey, masked pots and gravy, rolls, a veggie tray with dip, cooked carrots, and two homemade pies-banana cream and pumpkin spice cheesecake. Brad told me that I over did myself, but I just wanted him to have a Thanksgiving dinner too! It was really yummy and we were definetly stuffed!!! I set out our little china set and decorated the table with pumpkins, it was really great for my first home cooked Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow is Fun Mom...

Leave it to Tucker to remind me about the happiness that snow can bring...I was complaining that it was snowing and my dear sweet Tucker said to me, "Mom the snow is Great! We can go snowmobiling with dad, we can make snowangels, we can throw snowballs, we can go ice fishing, we can go sledding down that big hill, we can eat snowflakes on our tounges, and have fires in the house." Talk about knowing what to be thankful for, lol , I love you Tucker Ray Kelly!!! Thanks for reminding me that I should be thankful for winter.

Bryken goes Potty!!!

So last night I decided that I would see if Bryken could pee in the potty kind of on cue. So I said, "Bry wanna go pee pee?" He shook his head yes and so we sat him down, and he started to pee in the potty!!! He was so excited and I was sooooo excited! So today, he went again in the potty twice!!! I am so excited to buy him a little potty seat and get this underway..I know that he is only 20 months but hey, if he is doing it then it isnt too soon!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tucker and Soccer

Tucker played for the AYSO this October. He loves sports and I thought that it was great to have him in this fall. He played for the YMCA last winter indoors so the outside adventure was new for him. Tucker has so much energy and his favorite position is goal! He is really good at kicking the ball back down the field and he has a very powerful kick. I think that he will really love it the more he plays as he gets older as well!!! So until next fall, he will decide if he wants to play soccer for the YMCA this winter, and then basketball again....he is such a little athlete!


It is amazing how at 19 months this little boy adores his big brother!!!! Bry runs around the house yelling "Cucker...Cucker...." and it is the sweetest thing that he just wants him around when he is at school. It was all Brad and I heard yesterday as we bummed around waitin for our little man to get out of school. Bryken loves Tucker so much. Tucker is the best big brother, he shares with his little brother...okay most of the time LOL...and loves to make him laugh!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tucker the Tattle Tail!

I had Tucker in bed the other night and he was being so good watching a movie. Bryken on the other hand was being wild as usual. I told Tucker it was time for bed and we tucked him I went and tried to get in the tub. I hear Tucker yelling,
"Mom Bryken is in my room." I headed in there to see Bry looking at him so seriously saying....
"ShhShhhShhShh!" I am sure that he was jus thinking "Crap he just told on me, quiet Tucker."
It was so funny! We laughed for a while! I love these boys!!!