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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Final post of the year

Well once again it is time to close our little blog book for the year. I am surprise how much we have been blessed this year and everything we have done as a family. Brad and I were nervous about the moving arrangement, since it was a totally new venture for us. Needless to say, it took some getting use to. We had to mesh our lifes together again and fall into place with what the other had been doing for the past 2 years. Brad had to fit into the schedule the kids and I had and we had to fit into his.

It has been a year of growing and a great year for sure!

Christmas Tree Excursion

This year was the first year in three years that we have had a Christmas tree. Brad decided we are going to make it a yearly tradition to cut down a tree. I will say one thing, it is harder than it looks lol. Next year we are going earlier so we dont have to fight a blizzard like we did this year.

Bryken played but within 5 min he was freezing and then came the tears.

Tucker of course had to roll in the snow. Bryken already had enough and the little girl in the back in Chris's little girl Cheyenne. She was tougher than the boys.

Tucker and Cheyenne playing in the snow.

Tucker rolling in the snow.

Cali is Chris's girlfriend. Bryken pretty much stayed by her lol.

Remi wasnt having any of it, she was content sitting in the truck.

The snow was up past Bryken's knees, it was hilarious.

Check out Brad and Tuckers facial expressions lol they are the same.

Cookie, Brad and Chris did the hiking to find the trees. They did a great job.

Our New House

Brad and I finally did it...after 8 years of being married we bought our first house. I guess buying a house signifies that we are ready to be somewhere for a long time.Pinedale is a very cute little town and we are looking foward to raisng our children here for sure. Let me give you a background on housing here in Sublette county....the prices here are kind of crazy. This house should have gone for over $225,000. Other homes in the area without a garage are selling for over $200,000. We live in Bargerville 12 miles out of Pinedale. We are part of a homeownes association. A home in town with 3 rooms not updated at all would ahve cost us over $240,000. Needless to say, buying this home for $153,000 is a killer deal.
It has a circle driveway. There are three little pine trees planted but they are dead so we are going to have to do some major landscaping this spring, but we are up for the challenge.
This is only a 1/4 of Brad and my closet. It is wonderful. I finally have place to fit almost all of my clothes lol. Brad told me I wasnt taking up the entire closet, I tried not to but this girl has some clothes lol. I always had to trade out the seasons and now they are just all there together. It rocks......but it also made me realize there are some things I will never wear!

The light was shining through the windows but this is a pretty good pic of our bed. The darl wood on the door is how they all are, along with the baseboards. They are very pretty.

Dining room view. The dutch doors lead out back. There is a little deck there right now. Brad and I plan to build a large deck off the back this summer as well.

Ah yes thats my kitchen. I love the hardwood, the granite counters and the stainless steel appliances. The stove is propane and man does that take some time to get use to lol. It is a great size and there is a lot of storage for sure. It is very functional. The fauset has the top that disconnects so you can spray things down, this in turn makes a great tool for Brad and water fights (trust me I alreaday have been initiated).

The front room is very nice. The fireplace is amazing. We are thinking of turning it into a wood burning stove but this will work for now.

The boys still share a room. It looks small from the picture but it is the biggest room they have had. We are having it painted orange and grey this winter.

We finally have 2 bathrooms. Man does it make a differene. We did it in Jungle theme.

Little Miss's room. It was made for her since it is already pink and.....

it has a walk in closet. She doesnt know it yet but she is in heaven lol.

This is a partial of our backyard. It is large and fully fenced. In the back those are the Wind River Mountains. We are still just moments away from the mountains. We have herds of antelope parading through the back all the time. This summer we are putting a fire pit out back, and finally getting the kids a swing set. Brad always told me when we were done moving for a while we could since they are such a pain to build. So now he has a new Honey Do :)

This is our master bathroom. There is also a large shower. The double sinks is great! I love the jetted tub!

And lastly, it wouldnt be our house without Brad adding his wildlife touch....yes those are antlers as a decoration on our front door.
We love our house. It is perfect.


For My Remi

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about keeping a journal for when I think of things I want to make sure my children know. But I always forget to write in it and then I remembered that I created this blog not only for our families to watch us grow, but for us to be able to watch us grow. So here is what has been on my mind for the last little while. I see so many young girls who have no respect for themselves and it makes me sad. I think back to my childhood and teen years and what my parents did for me...I always knew I was smart, talented, loved and beautiful because my parents told me everyday. My parents never missed a home ball game, and attend away games as often as they could. They supported me at every dance competition and every violon performance. My parents encouraged me to do things and enjoy life. I was able to do everything I wanted and they provided for me well. With their help and my grandparents, I was able to take amazing trips. Grandpa Pete was a huge part in my trip to Spain my Junior year, and I loved it. The next year I went back east. I did Junior Miss and they were there to cheer me on all the time. It didnt matter what I did, they were there. I knew that I made mistakes and even after a choice that changed my life forever, my parents did not turn me away. My dad has taken me an a daddy daughter date every year since I was about 8, and now that I am almost 27 he still takes me. I want to make sure Remington knows she is amazing and her parents will be there whenever she needs and to support her. So this post is for her.....these are the things I want to make sure I do so Remi knows how special she is....
1- Back her up. Let her know we are there- whether she is up or down. Always. Unconditionally. She will be more confident to face the world if she knows that someone is backing her in every single decision she makes.
2. Listen more than you talk. As her parent, it is natural that she will see your words as condescending, if you do not choose them wisely. The best approach is to listen and let her talk through her issues. Life(and the heaps of emotions that accompany it) becomes more clear when it is discussed. While she is sharing her life with you, show support and understanding. But more importantly, relate to what she says. She needs to know that what she is saying, feeling and doing are normal and part of life. Coach her into solving her problems with a little (and unnoticed) nudge in the right direction.


3. Encourage Passion. Let her explore her passions freely. She may not follow in your footsteps. Let her make her own. She may play softball, rock at the violin or maybe she will be interested in driving monster trucks around like her brothers. At the end of the day, it's her life. Who are you to steer her clear of spiders and football because long legs and tackles make you cringe? They may light a fire inside your daughter. Passion is her gateway to happiness . And if she can find happiness, confidence will follow.

4. Let her cry. Don't let her be afraid to express herself. She should not only be proud of who she is, but also in her ability to love, hate, cry and laugh. Encourage her to share her emotions freely without reserve. There is an innocence and honesty to those who are confident enough to express themselves without fear of judgement.

5. A unique beauty. Tell her she is beautiful and unique. She is, after all, uniquely beautiful. jkkhkShe should be confident inside and out. She should know the qualities that she possesses. She should know what she is able to give to the world and those around her. Tell her when she is acting kindly, when her smile is lighting up a room or when she is making you happy. She should know that she is smart and strong, not just beautiful. And for goodness sake, if you are proud of her, tell her, so she can be proud of herself.

It amazes me how some parents put such an emphasis on materialistic things. So many girls grow up thinking they have to get married and become a mom and that is it. I hope that I can teach my little Remi that it is very important to one day me a wife and mother, but that it is equally important to obtain qualities that she can support her and her future children if her husband was no longer there.