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Saturday, July 23, 2011

So confused.....

Well Brad and I have come to quite a fork in our road.....he has a really great job and he is making good money. I am making average mula for I applied for a job in Wyoming making $15.00...but it is salary..they are giving me the opprotunity for a phone interview so it could potentionally be a great thing. The complete DOWNER was when I called up and talked to a few daycares! Well it goes a little something like this...$1320-$1360 for my three kids and that is with Tucker being there only after school! I about barfed! So that $1.67 more an hour just flew out the window. Then rent would be about $800.00 a month for a TRAILER in a trailer park, plus utilities and internet and t.v. So we are looking at $1400 a month for rent there. Then my boss and I were talking and I was informed that one of the probation officers is planning on moving as soon as she gets a job where her fiance is...he also told me that I would be the next in line for that position if I were to stay around and apply. And that would increase my paycheck $400.00 a month. We pay $200.00 a month for Brad to live there in least $150.00 a week for him money for gas and food...and then we spend another $150.00 a month in groceries for him. That is $800.00 in extra spendings that we could save living together again. But he has a really great job, and it has benefits which is something that he will not be able to get somewhere else considering he does not have his high school diploma. So now what? I just do not know what to I see us in Wyoming long term..No! We love it here and what a pain in the butt to have to bring him back here to find a job. It stinks because he makes such good money over there, but having him home all the time would be worth the sacrafice...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Car wash!!!

Brad loves clean vehicles! Tucker takes just right after him. They went out and washed both the vehicles. Brad is very particular and freaks if he misses a spot lol!!!

It was fun to see how they bond together and make work play! They had a water fight and even sprayed me quite a few times LOL.

Yellowstone 2011

This year in Yellowstone the rest of the family could not make it so Brad and I took our little family up and invited our friends Matt and Jenn. They have Matt's boys Cade and Mason for the summer so it was fun...5 kids in one car for hours going through the park...NEVER AGAIN, but it was fun. We love heading out to Island Park and chillin at the cabin. We stayed at the old cabin this year but it was still relaxing and just what the Dr. ordered.
Brad and I decided that we are soooo making sure that the usual Winder Clan goes next year LOL!

First family picture LOL! We are so cute! Brad and his boys are so amazing. I love taking pictures of them.

Cade, Mason, and Tucker...Bryken is MIA...

Brad was IN LOVE!

Our sweet little Remi. She was a good trooper. She hates her car seat so it was an exhausting vacation for her! But she did well all things considered.

This little black bear was over by the Petrified Tree. Sooo cute!

Tucker is such a little poser. I love that kid so much!!!

Even in the Ford, 4 boys was tight in the back. They all fought over who had to sit by the 2 year old. So they took turns. Crazy that a 2 year old scares a 8 year old, 5 year old, and a 6 year old. What can ya expect? He has to deal with Tucker Ray all day!

The water was flowing like crazy!

This hot pot was so pretty that day!!!

Jenn and I..It was fun to have her up!

Brad and the boys again...LOVE THEM.

This year we spent the money and went into the bear and wolf exhibit. It was really neat. The bears were the same as I remembered but they have really expanded the wolf exhibit. In side the museum was really interesting as well.

Last family picture of the trip!

Old Pictures

These pictures were from this March 2011 for the boys' birthday. We did it in Malad and had the family up like usual. The kids LOVE the pinata.

Tucker played soccer Fall 2010 for the AYSO. He loved it and he is really good at it as well. Mom, Bri, Shayla, and Kelty came up to watch a game. It was really fun to have them up!
Kelty and Bryken playing in his room Fall 2010.

I love this picture of Bri and Kelty. This is outside of their home that they purchased last spring.
The babies love this vibrating foot massage penguins that mom and dad have. Look how little Bry was!!!

These pictures are from the 50th Wedding Aniversary Party for Grandma and Grandpa Nelson last March 2010. It was such a great t ime and so wonderful to see how love really is suppose to be!!!