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Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh the things a potty seat can be.....

These boys never cease to amaze me. I heard Bryken playing down the hall while I was making PB and J for us, when I went down to get him, this is what I found.......

Isnt it lovely how a potty seat makes a hat and a face wreath? Who would have thought?

The Mall...on MLK Day....

So today I decided to take the kids to the mall because of all the sales! Was I crazy??? Well yes, my boys were actually very well behaved was time to go. I told Tucker that if he was good and helped me with brother then we could go over and ride the little rides. Tucker was great it was Bryken who threw the biggest tantrum EVER once the rides were over and we were heading outside. At least they had fun and were good for the most part, we cant have it perfect all the time right LOL!
I was dreading the thought of taking them both alone, but for the most part, I think that I can handle long as I have a sucker for Bryken and Tucker knows that if he is good he can ride the that a bribe? Well yes it is, and it worked and I kept my sanity. LOL!

Update on Baby Kelly!

Today I had an ultrasound to see where this little miss stands. The ultrasound tech told me that everything looks great. She measures a week small in almost every area, but they told us "it" measured small when we went in for our first ultrasound. She told me not to be alarmed because it must just be a genetics thing. She could be right, Tucker was 6.4 and Bryken was 7.4. Today she measured at about 4.11. I thought that was big, but she told me that I should be expecting about a 7 pound baby, just perfect :) We have set the date for sure to Feb. 24, 2011. We will decide the time in two weeks...okay two weeks..YIKES!!! I only have 5.5 weeks left! I feel like I have so much to do still. I have had a really hard time moving all my sweet little Bryken's stuff into Tucker's room. They love being in the same room, and I think it is great that they love eachother so much. It just seems like Bryken is so small still...and taking down all of his jungle room things and taking him into Tucker's camo room, makes him seem like he is growing up. They love watching a movie to go to bed, and most of the time I take the opprotunity to go lay in there with them, I know it is bad but they will only be little for so long!!!

The Best Cornbread EVER!!!

Okay so this is so easy and it is so yummy! I had never had Taco Soup, so yesterday I made some before Brad left to go back to Wyoming. I thought, what is taco soup without cornbread. Okay so here it is...get is really hard....
1. Take any corn bread mix and prepare it just like it says on the box
2. Take a yellow cake mix and prepare it just like it says on the box....
*Then you combine both mixes in a large pan, that you have sprayed of course :)
(I used a cake pan)..and bake at 350 for about 30 min.

You will be in heaven, it is sweet and not so cornbread like! So moist! Tucker ate 3 pieces just for dinner and then had 2 for a snack later. I sent some with Brad and he kept telling me how good the soup and bread was. I have to say, I am a good cook LOL!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bryken's Words

I cant believe that my little guys is almost 2! He talks so much! I think that it is great having our vocal big brother Tucker to pull him along. So I thought that I would make a list of all the words that Bryken says. He has been doing sign language for a while and can tell you "More please." That was where he started about 8 months ago, he is so smart!
1. Rink (drink)
2. K (okay)
3. Water
4. Cucker (Tucker)
5. No
6. Oops
7. Play
8. Stars
9. Diaper
10. Watch
11. Uv u (love you)
12. Go
13. Wow
14. Float (when he looks up at the stars he says "Wow stars float")
15. Bye
16. Eyes-and he knows where they are
17. Ears-and he knows where they are
18. Teeth-and he knows where they are
19. Please
20. Ank U (thank you)
21. Mom
22. Dad
23. Papie
24. Nana
25. Elte (Kelty)
26. Sucker
27. Hungy (hungry)
28. milk
29. pants
30. Ocks (socks)
31. oes (shoes)
32. hat
33. jink (drink)

He is so funny! I love that kid!!!

3/18/11 More Words
34. funny
35. eat
36. go
37. call me
38. baby
39. sissy
40. fish
41. jump
42. shake
43. mine
44. choco (which means hershey chocolate syrup for his milk)
45. diaper
46. pooped
47. stuck

Brad got the JOB!!!

We knew that 2011 felt like it was going to be a great year with our new little girl soon to be joining our family, and me finishing school this year. We never guessed that it would start out this great! Brad has been working in Big Piney, Wyoming since May 2010. He really loves it and the money has been good except in the winter. It seems that we have always had to deal with the stress of hours all winter, and play catch up all Spring and Summer long. So Brad was working 7 on 2 off, had one weekend off a month, and it was just really hard. He was offered a job yesterday where he will be home every weekend. It is Mon.-Fri. 7-4. They told him he could work 9-6 on Monday so that he can leave Monday morning in stead of Sunday night. It will be great because everything that happens, happens on the weekend and he wont miss that anymore. He also gets paid holiday, earns sick and vacation time, and has a 401K plan FINALLY!!! He will always get at least 40 hours a week and be home each weekend!! I can start to cook more than one real meal a week LOL! The kids and I love mac n cheese, quesadillas, cereal, sandwhiches..eggs, corn dogs, chicken but not that much! We are so excited!!! I am so thankful that heavenly father has a plan for us!!

Boise for the weekend

Brad and I went to Boise last weekend and visited Matt and Jenn. It was so much fun. We left the boys with my mom, and isnt it funny how when you leave your kids all you do is talk about how funny they are and how much you miss them? We did miss them but it was some much needed "us" time. We got there at 10:30 Friday night and we stayed up until 4:00 a.m. playing a game called Things. It was a blast. Brad and I couldnt remember the last time we were up that late. Late for us these days is midnight LOL! On Saturday we all just went bumming. We hit ups stores and just looked around. We bought a few things but hey, thats what we went for right LOL!! Matt and Jenn took us out to Tucanos Brazilian Grill. It was so yummy! And those little stinkers paid for our meal at $60.00 a couple! We went to Hastings after to walk off our tummies and we had a blast in there. Those two are so much fun! We had to leave Sunday, and that was a bummer because we had so much fun and Boise is already in Spring! LOVE IT!!! Needless to say, we hated leaving but we were so excited to see our boys!! It was a blast and I am glad that Brad and I have the opprotunities to go and do things. I have amazing parents and Bri who took on the task of keeping my boys well. Mom was exhausted by the time she hit the sack Sunday night and I cant blame kids are exhausting, but hey who wants boring kids anyways?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The sweetest things....

My two boys are so special! I am so lucky to have them. They never fail to make me smile and laugh. They play pretty well together, yes they even fight pretty well LOL! But I can see how much they adore each other in everything that they do. I hope that they stay friends. Tucker has this notion that Bryken is his responsibilty, and that is great because I hope he continues that and is the protector of the little ones. My favorite time is bath time, they play like crazy and laugh and make a huge mess, and then once we are in our undies..they dance! These two boys love music! They will jam out no matter where we are. I love them so much! I cant believe how much love you are really capable of. You just cant even grasp it until you have kids of your own!! To my are my everything!!! Thank you for keeping me laughing and being my best little buddies!!!

Christmas for the Kellys.....

We spent Christmas at my parents again this year, it was sad because Brad was not able to be home, but we took a lot of pictures and sent them to him. I called him on Tango so we could video the kids getting their Santa gifts so it was okay. The kids had a blast...I have decided that it is way too hard to keep doing it at my mom and dad's because I have reload everything and then some and man...that is a task. Next Christmas with a new baby and all, we will have to do Christmas at home and then drive to Malad LOL! On Christmas Eve we did the newly started tradition of the Kelly Exchange. Brads sisters and their families came over to Bruce and Kelles and we opened gifts, had snacks, and played some guitar hero! Brad has a talent for making antler lamps. So this year, I had his sister Brandee and he had Brooke, he took so much time and thought into making them each a lamp. The husbands were stoked!! I think that the girls were to but you know guys LOL!!

For my birthday dinner we had Ravioli and green salad, it was so yummy! Bruce and Kelle came to mom and dads to eat and open gifts with us, I love having us all together. My families are amazing!! Then we opened Christmas Eve jammies, had some sparkling cider, and went for a quick drive to look at Christmas lights. Tucker wrote the cutest little Santa Note and just asked that he be able to ride on his reindeer. He is so funny!! We left Santa a peanut butter cupcake, sugar cookies, and of course milk. I am so thankful that I have a great family and in laws to make us feel the christmas spirit even though we were far away from Brad.
For a little festive Christmas breakfast, we had cinnamon rolls that mom and I placed into the shape of a Christmas tree. It was really cute. I think that next year I will do the same but get something to make little ornaments on it as well.

Monday, January 3, 2011

What happens when you leave dad in charge???

I love dear Brad....and that is how I made it past this last laugh. He watched the kids while I was at work...this is the picture that he sends me...
How could I even be mad? Look at the smiles on their faces! I have decided that the mohawk turned Bryken into a wild child! He goes even faster than before LOL! Tucker wanted one but, we had just cut his in the summer Brad told him he will get one...heavens!!! Brace myself, I have boys LOL!

Just us....

Tucker had to go back to school today after his Christmas break. He was excited but he tried to hide it LOL! Bryken and I picked him up at the bus stop and he said, "Wow mom, having a break is exhausting!" I so know how he feels, when I go back to work from my 3 day weekend it about kills me!!! LOL!!! So today was spent at home getting all the house work done from being gone all weekend and it not being touched LOL! I enjoy having the couple hours with Bryken to give him a little one on one time. We have fun. He loves ranch, and mopping, and yes...wearing around my high heels...
We went to Wyoming for New Years since Brad had to be on call. It was freezing!! -40 was the coldest but it stayed about -20 most of the day. We went and saw the rigs that Brad works on and he took us to has more to do than Big Piney, but wow.....good thing we enjoy outdoors because that is all that there is to do. There is a really nice aquatic center in Pinedale and a little theatre and bowling alley....but not much else. It will be interesting if we end up there....good thing I enjoy crafts LOL!. Brad has two roommates Albert and Cookie. Albert was hilarious and made us feel like we werent a huge burden, and Cookie brought hife wife up so they were gone most of the time. Bryken ran around like a mad man and Tucker enjoyed playing Playstation with his dad LOL! I made pizza, carmel corn, and dip for the night and we all just hung out and watched movies and played games. It was worth the temperatures to be up with Brad.