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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So I have been a blog slacker lately..Life just gets so busy and I dont even have time to take a nice long bath...oh no its like a 2 min. shower! Brad has been working every other weekend, well not working but he has to stay up there and be on call. It has been pretty brutal. So what have we been up to...well I went hunting this year with all my own stuff for the very first time! Tucker was able to go as well. He talked Grandpa Bruce and his dads' ears off! When I went and Tucker and Bruce drove to meet us at the bottom of the mountian, we could hear Tucker from a mile away lol! The kids and I have pretty much just been home bodies since Brad doesnt get to be home all the time. Last weekend Tucker went to a birthday party at the Blue Hashi. It is an expensive place that serves sea food..Tucker came home telling me that he had steak, shrimp and a rice fish roll (sushi) and he LOVED it!!! We are still looking for me a job in Wyoming with Brad but we have had no luck!! I cant believe that it is almost 2012! I cant believe that in 8 weeks it will be Christmas!! We found a couple little bald spots on Brykens head and so after watching them for about a month, I took him to his pediatrician who referred us to a dermatologist. On Monday I took him in and he has alapecia. Its where you just lose your hair for no known reason! There is no cure and they do not know what causes it but your immune system attacks your hair folicles. He said that for most cases, the hair grows back sometimes in months and other times in years. There are a few cases that he has seen in his 8 years (2 of them) where they end up having total hair loss all over their body. I am really praying that doesnt happen to my little sweetheart!! Tucker is really starting to shine in school and he is so much smarter everyday! He teaches me things lol! Remi is trying to crawl and thinks that she is 15 already!! Well enough of the jibbers it is time to get back in the program and get some pictures posted with more updates!!!