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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Winder Adventure to Wyoming

The fam came up to watch Tuckers first wrestling match. I love seeing them and having the kids all around to play together. These are the memories kids dont forget and much needed time between me and my family :) I miss them so much, we are just so far away.
Tucker loved that it was nice enough to ride his bike.

 Bryk took Kelty for rides, she was in heaven.

I love this hunk :)

My little Kelty, she is such a doll.

Mr Personality and Shaywa

He made poor Shayla give him rides forever, it was so cute. Its much harder than it looks lol, believe me I tried it.

Cheezin It

Shay taking a break

Tucker and his Papie watching a movie

Yes I was dying lol

Quint even came

Rem and Kel loved dancing around the living room

It was so great to have them up and so sad to have them leave :( Shayla and I had some serious bonding time, shoveled some snow, through dog poop at each other (dont ask) and tried to install a fence.  Bri played with the little ones :) and we celebrated moms birthday!!!!It was a great weekend, I love my family so much. We are such a great group and no matter what we stick together like glue!!!!

Tucker Wrestling

This is Tuckers first year wrestling...and he loves it! He really has improved so much and so far has one three bronze medals and a silver. I am excited that he loves it so much.  Brad was really skeptical about his boy wrestling, but I have seen how much Brad loves watching him.  Wrestling is such a great self esteem builing sport and I love what it has done for Tucker. He gets so excited when he wins King of the Mat at practice.
 I really think between this and soccer he will be a great little sport.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby!!!

Remi's Jungle
This year I thought it would be fun to do a jungle party for this little spaz monkey. We did it at Mom and Dads and it was a lot of fun. Bri and her family came, Shayla was there, Quint made an appearance (LOL), Bruce and Kelle and Brooke and her kids. Mom and Dad were great to let us use their house for all the little monkeys and it turned out to be a really fun time

We had pink and green jungle juice.

Isnt she just the cutest little thing ever!!!

Beefer loves his Nana :)

I attempted to make a pineapple design and a palm tree out of oranges and you can see I did say "attempted" LOL. This kids gobbled them up on their animal plates.

Little Miss Shay and Mom...I love these ladies.

Yep good Old Gorilla Grub

Zebra Cakes :)

We had to have balloons, and of course she loved the pink and black.

Yep, I had to buy her own little chair, I couldnt pass it up haha.

Those are Vigos shorts Shayla found for her from Mom, Dad Quint and Shay, I cant wait for Easter weekend in Utah to put them on her haha and the cutest little leggings and butterfly shirt.

Bri made a really cute maganet board with tons of games, it is a life saver in the car.

Rem loves to take pictures. She tells us to say "Yeeze" lol

Aunt Brooke found this little Fairy chair for Rem. Nan and Pops also bought her a baby stroller which she LOVES and pushes all over the house.

Rem always steels our sunglasses, so we bought her own.

Blowing out her 2 Zebra candles.

I was amazed how clean she was with her cake this year haha. I cant believe how much she has grown. I still see her as my little tiny baby girl.  And this year she finally had some hair for me to do.
Rem on her first birthday!

Remi D-Day :)

December 2011

February 2012...flashback photos

Summer 2012....she gets prettier every single day. I love this little beauty!!!