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Monday, September 3, 2012

18 months going on 16

I came out to the kitchen the other day and this is how I found little miss. Sunglasses, purple hiking boots, and her hair tye already missing. Hehe, I love her. She makes me laugh all the time. She is her mothers daughter that is for sure.....I cant believe how fast she is growing. Before we know it she will be in dance, then playing ball, then school...then boys...oh man her daddy is going to be grey fast!!! She is lucky to have such a loving daddy and two big brothers to always look out for her.

Burnt Lake

We use to go craw dad fishing all the time in Idaho Falls, we hadnt been up here yet, so we ventured out to Burnt Lake to see if it was any good. I am pretty sure we took my truck (lol yes I said mine) down a four wheeler trail, it was very bumpy but we made it. Of course we did, with Brad driving nothing is impossible.
Brad cast out a few times but we had no luck.

The kids enjoyed just playing outside. Yes Bryken is in shorts and his cowboy boots, I have learned to pick my battles with this little love.

This is the view from Burnt Lake. It is a very pretty location.

Little buddies.

Love him :)
Even though we didnt have any luck this time, we still have a few weekends to see if we can find where those little buggers are in Wyoming :)

2012 Boys Soccer

We put both the boys in soccer this year. Tucker has been playing since he was 4 and in Pinedale, you an start them when they are 3 so Beef could play this year too. It has been a lot of fun watching these two, and even better that I am not doing it alone since we are all together Brad doesnt miss out on everything anymore. The oil field companies support a lot of activities in Subeltte County, soccer being one of them. Ultra is a huge help!!!
Bryken looks so cute in his little soccer outfit. His shin guards are a little bigm they almost go to his thighs lol.

Bryken is getting the hang of it. In the begining all he wanted to do was run around making sounds like he was a rocket ship lol!!

Poor Rem tries to keep herself entertained..if all else fails I have found if I fill her sandals full of grass it will keep her busy for a while. I know it is cruel but you gotta do what ya gotta do.

At Tucker's first practice, he was the only boy with 5 little girls. He has always been a ladies man lol.

I think a little boy finally showed up to his game last time, so now Tucker isnt alone haha. He really enjoys soccer, much more than baseball. He is really great at defense and was bummed to find out this age in Pinedale doesnt have a goally, that is definetly his spot. He has a very powerful kick and his last game, he kicked it from half field and made a goal!!

Feelin Domestic

So I have been thinking about makin my own laundry and dishwasher soap for a while and I finally just did it. I have this strange addiction to pinterest. LOL!!! They actually work! Nice job for me!!! They way I have figured it out, I spent about $11.00 total to get all the stuff to make these. I will be able to make 8 gallons of laundry soap for $11.00 and at least 6 months worth of dish soap. I am going to try my own fabric softener next time I am close to runnin out. It isnt Tide....but it works. :)