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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What is your favorite smell?

Tucker has the best Preschool ever. They do school Monday through Friday from 9:00-12:00. He brings home a new activity every day. I love it when he just busts out in a new song, his current favorite tune is about a tiny turtle it goes like this
"I have a tiny turtle. His name is tiny Tim. I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim. He drank up all the water, he ate up all the soap, and now he's in the hospital with bubbles in his throat..bubble bubble bubble, bubble bubble POP!" It cracks me up. Well yesterday, he brought me a cut out of lips with a tounge and on the tounge it said "Tucker loves to taste oranges" So I am thinking good they are discussing the senses. He then brings me a picture that he colored, on the picture it says, "My favorite thing to smell is oranges" and on the bottom "I dont like to smell Poop". Oh my heck I cracked up! Miss Melissa his teacher told me that his response was the best in the class. He seems to be a little class clown but he really enjoys learning.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

"Familes Are Forever"

Labor Day weekend is going to be a hard time every year, but it is also a great time becasue we are all able to get together as a family. It always falls around my dad's birthday the 5th of September and then it is the weekend that we burried Bompa...going to Price and Ferron is very relaxing, fun, and difficult all at the same time. I treasure every moment with my family, and knowing that I do not get to see them very often makes those times even better. Shayla is now in Price attending school at College of Eastern Utah. She is magoring in Psyc with a minor in dance. She has a scholarship (well many) for the drill team and is also teaching at a dance studio. She is so fun! It was great this weekend as well becasue Bri and Matt were able to introduce Kelty to everyone. Our little family is growing all the time and it is great! I took a lot of picture and I think that it is important to cherish them all...We had a BBQ in Ferron on Saturday for Dad's birthday and then on Monday we had another BBQ it was a lot of fun. There is this really neat park in Price called the Dino Mine. Kara and I took our kids up and played, Danielle's little ones came up to and Shayla, it was a good time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Cereal Expirience!

For the past couple weeks, Bry watches your every move when you eat. Brad and I thought that we would start him on cereal a little early. Bry loved it, however, he was so tired. Brad wanted to feed him and he did such a great job. Poor Bry did not know what to do eat or sleep, we caught some great shots of the muchkin!!

He loves food. I was eating an oreo the other day and he was watching me with a look that I could not resist. I gave him a little oreo out of my mouth and he went "Num num num " it was so cute!

Playing with Daddy!

Brad and Tucker can make Bry laugh so hard. He just rolls with laughter, it is the sweetest thing in the world! I am so glad that I have a great husband who adores his boys! I have enjoyed watching Tucker and how he interacts with Bryken. He protects him from everything! Brad is an amazing guy, he has grown so much and is the best daddy ever. I know that he loves these two boys so much and he talks about when they are older and he can take them both fishing and hunting. I am so blessed and I thank heavenly father every day for this gift!!!

A Day with My Boys!!

I love having Monday's off. I think that I like it better than Friday because I have a full day to do laundry and take care of things after we have been running all weekend. I love being at home with my boys, they are so much fun. This summer we have made it a Monday ritual to get ice cream when we hear the ice cream van coming. Tucker has a chore list and he earns money, so I make him take his little coins and trade them to me for big ones. It has worked really well, sometimes he does not have enough for the ice cream and sucker mom pitches in the extra, I mean how can you tell him no when he has worked so hard to have his little money?

We bought Bry a jumper and the poor little guy is too short to reach the ground even on the lowest level. i have found that I can put my CD case under him and he will go to town!!

"Is my smile great Mommy?"

Well two weeks ago, I took Tucker to the dentist for the first time. I also went and boy was it fun LOL! Well considering the fact that I have not seen a dentist since I was a Junior in high school (ya I know, do the math) I have "excellent teeth for so long forgotten"but the sad news is, I finally have a cavity, okay not one but two :( I know, I know I should have gone to the dentist years ago but oh well. Tucker has two cavities, I think that he may have teeth like his dad's. Tucker was a liltte trooper and he was so excited to have his teeth cleaned. When he was done he looked at me and said, "Well, is my smile great Mommy?" How cute is that? They gave him a toothbrush, some kid flous, and a balloon and sent us on our way. It went better than I thought!!!

Bry and his toes!!!

I have never seen a kid who love their toes as much as our little Bry. No matter where he is, if he can get those things he has them and they go straight to his mouth. He coos and babbles the whole time he is chompin' on his poor little piggies. It is the cutest thing though. I am amazed how flexible these little things are, I wish I could move like that! I can not believe how big he is getting, he rolls over, talks, and is almost sitting up by himself. It makes me want to cry but at the same time it is so great to watch him grow.!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nielson Reunion

This year Kelle was in charge of picking the spot for the yearly Nielson Reunion (Nielson is her maiden name). She picked Stone Resivore. It was a blast.

Brad and I were given a motorhome, and when I say given I mean FREE. Heck yes, okay so it is older like a '75 or something but it has a bathroom and the best part..air conditioner! So we took the boys, our four wheelers, and the motorhome to Stone for Bryken's first camping trip ever! We went down to the water and swam a bit, Bry loves the water. Tucker is such a little fish. It was the funniest thing watching him think that he was all big and could swim all over in his life jacket.

Bruce and Kelle rode out on their Harley's the first day, and Bruce, Brad and I took a ride to Snowville on the bikes, it was so relaxing!!!

When I was not so hot, Brad and Tucker rode the big wheeler down to the lake and Bry and I rode Tucker's ( the black one not the little battery powered blue one LOL) , it was a lot of fun! We did a huge meal and then Kelle brought out the cotton candy machine and all the kids were able to make their very own cotton candy.

Bryken was so exhausted, he did not want to go to sleep but once he made it, he was out like a light. I bought him this little fisher man hat, he looked so cute!

That night, we decided to pack up early and head out, well of course something has to happen right? I was following Brad and his parents were following me, Brad almost hit a skunk with the motorhome and then caught the poor thing with the four wheeler trailer, so as I passed it sprayed the crap outta my car, man did it stink! It was a really great weekend and I can not wait until next year!!!