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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A New Life

Well just a quick update! We are loving it here in Pinedale, Wyoming! It is VERY cold! We have seen so much wildlife it is amazing!! We are still living in Brad's trailer but it actually has been really great. We are cramped but everything is working out! Life is wonderful! Tucker LOVES school and my job is working out just perfectly! Our house will be ready Saturday so we are heading back to Idaho Falls Friday night to bid our final good-byes. I love having Brad home every night! It has made such a difference not only in my attitude but our little ones as well. So until next time...this is all of an update I have lol..Pictures will be coming!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My last day...

Today was a very hard day for me at work. It was difficult because people that I wanted to say goodbye to were not there and others surprised me and came in anyways (Donna). Some thought that hanging out with her children back east was more important (Tammy) lol but it was still a great day full of laughter and tears. I have been with Juvenile Probation for 3 years and I have made some really great friendships. It is hard to imagine not waking up and going to work there..or taking my kids to TLC Daycare! I think that the friends that I have made both at work and in other areas around Idaho Falls have had a huge impact on me. I had some hard years while working there and I love how supportive and understanding everyone was. I am so thankful for the listening ear and how I was taken under the wing of many of my co-workers. It was never a dull moment there and I woke up everyday excited to go to work, besides the fact that I missed my kids all day, they made it like home for me! Juvenile Probation is just like a little family and I am so glad that I was a part of it.

This is Teri. She is my replacement. She will fit right in and I am so glad that I had the time to meet her and make a new friend. She is actually from Wyoming and so it is kind of funny that she knows people in Pinedale and got me some hook ups!!! She made my last week a blast!

This is Jeff. His Dad actually started Court and Clinical but when his dad passed away about 6 years ago, the county took over and it became Juvenile Probation.

This is my pal Donna. We are like two peas in a pod or as Brian would call us, the cheese and the mold. I liked it better when I thought that we were like Cheech and Chong lol! Donna and I have had a friendship for a while, it started when I was over at Adult Probation. She took me to California for the first time and was there when I got my tattoo. Donna really took me under her wing and made me feel like I had that special someone away from home. She really is like my second mother. She is such an amazing woman and I am so lucky to have met her and to have had the opprotunity to call her my friend. I am going to miss her very much and when she came in today to say good-bye we both bawled! It was really hard. She has taught me some valueable lessons about myself and for that I am very grateful. She has taught me so much and I am so lucky to have had her at my side.

This is my wonderful boss Kyla. If you have ever wanted to work somewhere that you felt at home this is the lady you need to work for. Kyla is a very amazing boss, friend and woman. She has taught me so much in the last few years. I have enjoyed getting to know her and her sweet family since day 1. She is the most understanding person when it comes to having kids and needing to take the time off work to take care of them. I am sure that I will never have another boss like is a huge task to live up too. This woman can cook up a mean batch of fudge!!!!

This wonderful woman is Mrs. Tammy Adams. If you are need for a good time this is your go to lady for sure! She will have you laughing all day long. She is so kind and wants what is best for everyone. She is a peacemaker and she has taught me how to laugh at myself. Tammy has a talent for creating things. She taught me how to take something and turn it into something amazing. And I can not forget the fact that she introduced me to a Route 44 from Sonic...and yes I had one today without Tammy! HAHA!! If you are in need of a recipe this is your go to woman. If you need something sold, she will know someone who is looking for it. If you need someone to tell you how it is and not sugar coat it she is your woman. She has made me realize that I am an amazing woman and that what is important to me is what I need to stick up for.

I wish that I could have taken more pictures with other co-workers because I could have gone on for hours about how each of them have had an impact on me for the better. I am really going to miss Juvenile Probation...I am forever a different person from there!