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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dog Poop

Tucker definetly has some traits that come straight from his mother...its all about hating bugs (spiders especially) and grody things that Brad enjoys tormenting us with. The other day we were standing around at the in-laws with the cousins, and we noticed little footprints that seemed to be created from dog poop. As we checked all the kids, I looked out to the sandbox and saw Tucker barrying his foot. I walked over to him and asked him what he was doing and he replied with the sternist little face, "Dont even talk to me, I have a problem." Needless to say, it was his little footprints. He had dog poop between his toes and he was so grossed out. Poor little guy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Worms Have Good Dreams!

Tucker never fails to say something so dang cute and crack up everyone around him. Earlier today we were in Elmo, Utah taking flowers to Bompa's grave. It was so hard since he has only been gone since Septemer 2, 2008 and this was the first Memorial Day with two graves we did not even see coming, Bompa and Tracy. As were walking around the cemetery in the rain, Tucker spotted a huge worm. Brad told him that he would give the worm "bad dreams" if he touched him. Tucker of course had to touch the worm over and over again. This worm kept Tucker entertained for at least 20 minets. Next thing I knew, Tucker was running over to us and said, "Dad, worms have good dreams." It was so funny. I was so grossed out that he was carrying this worm around but it was so cute I could not resist taking pictures. I definetly have boys LOL! What would I do without them?

Tucker Growing Up!!

Okay so I know he isnt like graduating from high school :) but to realize that in only 1 year your little boy will be in school is so crazy! Tucker has been is his first year of preschool this year. I was a little worried at first because he was the only 3 year old boy in his class (the rest were 4) but I thought we should at least give it a shot. Tucker would come home singing me songs and teaching me things from school. One day we were outside and he said "Mom want to see my name?" Of course I am thinking how cute he thinks he can write his name, well he grabbed the sidewalk chalk and drew a perfect little T and said, "Look mom there is my name." Automatically I cried and even though it is just a T is was the best thing ever.
As the kids were singing a song about butterflies I was smiling and laughing and Tucker runs over to me and says, "Mom, dont laugh at me okay." Oh man talk about trying to hold a straight face at that point! Needless to say, he sang the songs and I was so proud of my little graduate!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

House Searching!

Talk about excitement and stress at the same time!!! Brad and I are looking at buying out first home! YAY! I am so excited!!! I cant wait to be done with apartment life in Idaho Falls :0 It will be great to have a backyard and our own space to let the kids play, have BBQs and whatever we want to do!!! I just hope it doesnt take too long to find something that we both love!!! I will update this list but so far we have only found a few homes we both thought were okay...nothing that has made us think "That is it" I hope we find that one!!! To see our home ideas so far check out
1. 155250
2. 158519

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

R.I.P. Tracy

I do not even know where to 23 year old cousing overdosed last night not on puropse but by total accident. You always hear them talk about even once can kill...I wont go into details but that is what happened in so many words. Trace and I were the best of buddies...I mean he was 20 days older than me and man did we have some memories. Things from riding four wheelers with Bompa, playing in the sand box outside his house, oh his HUGE dog Brisco, herding cows (too many stories to even tell there :0) and so many others. Through high school years, we slipped apart and as fate so has it September 2008 Bompa passed away and though it is the worst thing ever, he brought our family back together. Tracy and I sat at the kitchen table an Nani's and talked about how much fun we had as kids...we had some laughs and some tears as he told me about his trying times and how he overcame them. Just at the begining of the year, Tracy and his wife decided that they needed to take some time and it ended in divorce. His little girl is the cutest thing ever and boy was she his world! We actually talked quite a bit and I knew that this was so hard for him. He had his life going in the right direction: an amazing little girl, his own new townhome (he was so stoked about it), a great job with the union and it all seemed to be going his way...I know he was hurting, heck how wouldnt you be after losing your wife? We talked last week, it was so great to hear from him. I laughed because when I called his ringback town was "You and me baby aint nothin' but mammals" know the rest and it was a blast from the past, we laughed about that....I do not know why he was taken from us. God has his reasons and a plan but no matter what you are taught and what you believe, there is still so much anger and pain. I miss you Tracy....R.I.P. big guy....