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Monday, February 14, 2011


Well...I have been asking Brad for two weeks to paint my toe nails...and they are still not done. So....I begged Tucker to do it! I would rather have them painted (along with parts of my toes LOL), than go in with my toes all ugly and white. I hate un-painted toe nails!!! He actually did a pretty good job at it..I was laughing so hard and so was he. Tucker told me, "Mom you are going to have to get a towel to wipe some of these off." Then when he was done he was ready to paint my fingernails! I have such a great little 5 year old!!!

I dont think that he will ever own his own salon but...for a five year old my toes look GREAT!!! Thank you Tucker for helping out!!!

Eating Cookies.....

I made heart cookies and pink frosting yesterday for us since Brad wasnt going to be around today. Tucker loved frosting his cookies and Bryken just loved eating them!!!

My Boys...........

I take pictures of these two all the time. They are so sweet and so much fun! I just love catching their little personalities.

Who are You When I'm Not Lookin'

Tucker was going around taking pictures and this is what he caught LOL...
Look how huge my belly is....oh my gosh!!!!

Tucker Ice Fishing with Dad

Tucker has been asking forever for Brad to take him ice fishing. Last weekend it was nice and so out they went. Brad and Moe a really good friends and Tucker follows them around just like their little second leg. Tucker had a great time and I know that anything he is doing with his dad is great! He told me that he couldnt wait until Bryken is old enough to go too. I love having my boys!!! I sent the camera with Brad so making it out with a few pictures is quite the accomplishment!
Brad is such a great Dad, and Tucker adores him so much. I know that they will both treasure these little moments that they spend together. Their favorite song by Rodney Atkins..... "I've been watching you Dad aint that cool, I'm your buckaroo, I wanna be like you, eat all my food and grow as tall as you are..."

So overwhelmed...

I am just sitting here feeling like I am going to have a serious anxiety attack!!! The doctor does not think that I can make it to the 24th so we have moved the date up to the 22nd, that means that my last day of work is Friday. I have so much to have done by then and I am so worried that I wont have done everything that needs to be completed. My house is a disaster because I have been sick all weekend with the Flu and Brad not only hit a deer on his way home Friday night, but on Saturday he shoved a screwdriver through his there was not much that he could do either. So today, I look at my house and it is a disaster...the babies room is not done...I am boys are both sick.....I took them into the Doctor and I am told that Bryken has a small heart mummur. So I have to make his well baby check up for March and then he has to see a Pediatric Specialist. I am so scared that he wont be okay. He is my little angel...a heart mummur is not okay with me at all...he cant have something like that wrong with him!!! I need to just research a heart mummur and get all the facts...It will drive me nuts until I know what is going on with my little angel. My kids are my world..and you just dont expect things to be wrong. I remember when I freaked when they told me that Bryken has scary and now this.

Friday, February 11, 2011

At Home Sick

Well yesterday I woke up with a wicked sore throat. By the afternoon I had the worst body aches that I have ever had. My legs felt like I had just ran a was terrible. I do not remember being this emotional when I was almost ready to have either of my boys but I just broke down and started to ball...not only did I feel like crap...our toilet that was working is not working again, Bryken just wanted me to hold him but I didnt want to get him sick, and Tucker was just not here I am sitting on my couch balling. I just feel so overwhelmed I think, and the fact that I have so much to do to be ready for this little girl comes into the world. I am so glad that Brad comes home tonight, but my house is a mess and I hate it when he comes home to a messy house..I just dont feel like I have the energy to clean it. I kept the boys home with me today, yesterday I left Bryken at daycare and Tucker at school while I came home and relaxed...I took two baths and slept until 5:00 when I went to get them...I felt bad leaving them but I really needed the quiet time. Brad and I had a fun day planned tomorrow to, we were going to take the kids to the RV show and then go out on a date for Valentines...I guess we will just see how I feel tomorrow. We also have a Dr. appt at 9:30 so hopefully all is well.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Kelly Update....

So we are down to 2 weeks and 5 days!!! I went and toured the hospital today and it is really nice and the nurses seemed great so that makes me a little bit relaxed. I am so nervous about the spinal it makes me want to vomit! I know that there are a lot of things about the recovery and things that are painful but that spinal......oh wow, it terrifies me more than almost anything! I remember how bad it hurt and the fact that it can paralyze you....oh my! I mean I am worried about the baby and of course the fact that it is is just scary. Today she weighs in at about 6 pounds 4 ounces, we are expecting about a 7.4 pound little girl...yep a little chub. Dr. Barton said to take away about 3 oz. from the that puts her at just over 6 pounds now. She still consistently measures a week small, but hey at least she is consistent. I had to do a stress test today because she would not do the whole breathing thing in the 30 min. I was scared but I guess that it is pretty common. Oh ya, Thursday I went into false labor! Talk about we are all alone in Idaho Falls...Brad a good 3.5 hours away and me having consistent contractions for over an hour....panic mode was definetly in LOL!!! Hopefully we make it until the 24th....I am not mentally ready for this yet! I love my kids but adding another one is going to be intense!