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Monday, September 26, 2011

Whats a Daddy's Role?

50 Rules for A Daddy....

1. Love their mother. Treat her with respect, honor, and heaping spoonfuls of affection. When your kids grow up, there is a big chance that your sons will treat their wife just as you have treated their mother. Your daughter will marry someone who treats her just like she has seen you treat her mother. Good or bad, that is just the way it is...choose good.

2. Always be there. Quality time does not happen without quantity time. Hang out together for no other reason than to just be in each others presence. Be interested in the things that interest your children, even your daughter, and her dolls. Your children need you to be involved in every aspect of their life. Dont just sit idly by while they add years to themselves, add life to their years.

3. Save the Day! Your kids gtow up looking for a hero. It might as well be you. They will need you to come through over and over again for them throughout their life. Rise to the occasion. Red Cape and Blue Tights...optional.

4. Savor every moment you have together. Today one is in 1st grade, the other toddling around in his undies with his "motocycle" and the other is dreaming away. Tomorrow you will be handing one the keys to his car, the other teaching him how to drive and then the third...walking her down the isle. Someday soon, hanging out with their "old man" wont be so cool anymore. Life happens pretty fast so cherish it while you can.

5. Pray with them and for them regularly and continually.
6. Buy them each a glove...a four wheeler.....whatever you choose and make them proud to know how to do things for themselves. Teach them how to ride a bike, rollerblade, them proud to be who they are!!
7. They will fight with their mother, especially your daughter, choose your side wisely.

8. Go her those pearls...or training bra....or her first razor.
9. Of course you look silly playing peek-a-boo and talking to her in that little voice. Do it anyways. Of course you look like a kid chasing your boys around with a it anyway.
10. Enjoy the wonder of bath time. They do the funniest thinigs!!

11. There will come a time when they ask you for just some daddy time. Do not over think it.. just say "Yes!"
12. It is never too early to start teaching them about money. They will suck you dry as teenagers.
13. Do something important for each of them on their birthday!

14. Buy them a pair of hiking boots as soon as possible and for your daughter a pair of dance shoes as soon as she starts walking.
15. Dance with your daughter. Start when she is a little girl or even a baby. Do not wait until her wedding day.
16. Take them fishing. They will probably talk your ear off and squirm more than the worm on you hook, thats OKAY!
17. Continue to say "No." They may pitch a fit today, but in the future, they will all be glad that you stuck to your guns.
18. Tell your wife and daughter that they are beautiful. Tell them over and over again. Someday and animated movie or beauty magazine will be trying to convience your daughter otherwise. Tell your boys how amazing they are and that they are leaders, one day..peer pressure will try to get the best of them.
19. Teach them how to work on cars, teach them how to work hard. Teach your daughter how to change a flat (even though the first time it happens to her, she will call crying..teach her anyways), teach her that a tire without air does not need to be a massive need of panic in her life. Teach your boys how important it is to be handy, and keep their things nice.

20. Take them camping. Immerse them in the great outdoors. Watch their eyes fill with wonder each time they see the amazing things that heavenly father and mother nature have created for us.
21. Let them hold the wheel. They will always remember when daddy let them drive.
22. They are as smart as anyone else, and your daughter and smart as any boy...make sure they know that!
23. When they give kisses, they will want to plant them all over your face. Let them..they will someday think that giving daddy kisses all the time is not so cool.
24. Knowing how fix a part will never get them into college, knowing them how to eat sunflower seeds will never get them into college, knowing how to drive a four wheeler will never get them into college ..teach them anyways.
25. Letting them ride on your shoulders is pure magic. Do it now while you have a strong back and they are still tiny.
26. Its in their nature to love music and dancing. Its your duty to introduce them to wool socks on the wooden floor.
27. If there is a splash park near our home, take them often! They will be drawn to the water like a duck to a puddle.
28. They will eagerly await for you to return home every weekend! Dont be late.
29. If their mom enrolls them in whatever, make sure you go too. Do not be intimidated if their are no other dads their, it is their loss.
30. Never miss their birthday. In ten years, they wont remember what you bought them, but they will remember if you werent there.
31. Teach them to have confidence.
32. Remind your wife to let them play in the mud and roll around on the grass, its good for her soul.
33. Take your daughter swim suit shopping. Remind her to stay modest but try to refrain from wanting to buy her a full body pajama :)
34. Somewhere between the time your daughter turns 3 and her 6th birthday, the odds are she will ask you to marry her...let her down gently.
35. They will always want to crawl in your bed when they are scared. This is a good thing. Let them do it.
36. Few things in life are more comforting to a crying child than their fathers hand...NEVER FORGET THIS!!!
37. Introduce them to the swings. They will beg you to push them higher and higher over and over again....their definition of higher and higher may not be the same as yours..remember that.
38. When they are a bit older, that definition of higher will be the same as yours...go ahead and give it all you got! They will love it!!!
39. Throwing them up in the air is great for your biceps. WARNING: They have not concept of muscle fatigue.
40. They may ask you to buy them a pony on their birthday, unless you have a farm dont buy one..but its okay to rent one :)
41. Remind your wife to take it easy on presents for their birthday and Christmas..instead, give them the gift of expiriences that you all can share together. Let them chose where they want to eat that night and what activity they want to do as a family, and then DO IT!!
42. Let them know that they can ALWAYS come home, NO MATTER WHAT!
43. Remember just like the butterfly, they will to spread their wings and fly someday. So for now, enjoy those caterpillar years.
44. Write your children a handwritten letter every year for their birthday. Give them to them when they go off to college, becomes a parent themselves, or you feel that they are ready for them.
45. Learn to trust them. Gradually give them more freedom as they get older. They will rise to the expectations that you give them.
46. When in doubt, trust you heart, they already do.
47. When your kids are teenagers, and they are upset, learning when to engage and when to back off will add years to YOUR life (remind your wife of this as well).
48. Ice cream covers over a multitude of sins. Know their favorite flavors.
49. Dating age is coming soon. There is nothing that you can do to be ready for gun you can shine...the sooner you accept this fact, the easier it will be.
50. Today they are walking over to their bus, watching the Mickey Mouse Club House, and learning that they have a vioce and can squeal...tomorrow they are heading off to college. DONT BLINK!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a great idea!!!!
This is sweet! What a great idea! Im on a mission to get more project 1 here we go......


Okay I wish that I could have turned this picture but I cant..I found this on my computer from Shayla's camera and I WAS IN LOVE LOL! How funny is that!

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Dad is 50!!

This year my dad turned 50!! We have been planning him a surprise party for almost a year now! So after we changed locations three times lol, we finally zoned in on Lava! It was so much fun! We always have a great time when we do a large family trip and adding Dads birthday to this one made it that much more! Nani and Aunt Lynn came up and we were so happy to have them! We missed everyone for sure! So this post is going to be mostly pictures! We floated the river two times the first day and did a party for dad as well as some family pictures. Then on Sunday we did the swimming pool and slides. Brad, Matt, Bri, Quint, Mom, Aunt Lynn and Tucker went down the river again and Brad cut his leg open trying to keep up with the elders and the young one LOL on the quad tube. So we had to run him to Malad for stitches. That night we all went to the hot pots, it was a bummer for Brad because he couldnt put his leg in the water, so we took the two little ones back to the house and relaxed. It was so nice to have our family together and enjoy talking and the kids playing. These little cousins are going to be besties for sure, and Tucker will be their look out cousin! I love my family and could not ask for a better bunch of people in my life!

Here is Remi at the pool, the boys were in the water so quick with their dad that I didnt have a chance to get their pictures.

Remi and Kenni are so funny. Kenni is just mellow and Remi is in attack mode all the time!

The kids loved it over in the "adult" was a no kid zone at bed time LOL!

These two could not be cuter! Kelty follows Bryken everywhere. They play so well!!

Bri made dad a picture frame of the white house. It turned out amazing. Shayla put together a CD of songs that make us think about dad. I was in charge of the gag gifts. It was so much fun!!! Happy Birthday Daddio!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sleepin in Time Out!

I think that this is the funniest picture I have taken in a long time!! Bryken is potty trained and so he sometimes runs around naked and this time in particular lol, he got in trouble and was in time out. So this was his time out spot and he fell asleep there!!! It was the cutest thing ever so I could not resist taking a picture of him!

Remi loves food!!!

Remi loves food! She loves chocolate and cookies! I bought her some waffer cookies and she thinks that they are the best thing ever besides fruits!!! I love her so much. She is such a stinker!!

Day 7

So far things on my 30 day challenge have been great. I am down 2 pounds from last week and I have to say that my home life seems to be running well. I have placed a lot of focus on my children and less on me. I always focus my nights on them however, I tried to juggle dishes, laundry, and working out all in as well and it was not working. So for now, I make sure that my kids are taken care of as usual and then I do one chore for the evening. I have been making sure that I lay in the boys room and we talk for 10 min. each night because I have found that Tucker is very curious about things. Oh how I love that little man!!!