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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walking in Daddy's Shoes

Tucker is so much like his dad, he adores his every move and wants to be just like him in every way. Except one...he sees commericials like the one where is shows a brain "bleeding" from smoking and he tells Brad that his brain will bleed and he will if that is not enough to make you stop smoking...LOL anyways Tucker enjoys the outdoors just as much as Brad and cant wait to go hunting with his dad this year. He is the funnest little craw-dad fisher ever!! The other day, he came into the kitchen (at the apartment) and said "Check me out Mom, now I make the rules." And this is what I saw....
What a funny kid!! He loves the song "I've Been Watching You" by Rodney Atkins, it explains those two boys to a t....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The New Place

Well like I said, we are finally in a house. We decided against buying for now and we will see where we are next year once I finish school, but this house is PERFECT for now!!! We are about 12 miles from Idaho Falls right out in the country and we love it!! It is quiet, we dont hear people racing up and down 17th Street all night, there are no low riders bumpin and grinding down our road at mach-90, we have so much room!!! Outside there is a HUGE garden that has a sprinkler system, a fire pit, a tramp...and just tons of great room for our boys to play this Summer!!!

We found the cutest shower curtian at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

There is a great fireplace that keeps us nice and toasty and great hardwood floors in the kitchen!

We actually have dinning room space now so we can get us a kitchen tabel..I can not belive how unbelievably excited I am to have a kitchen table. The dinning area has these built in cupboards and shelving unit that gives us tons of storage. My favorite part of the whole place is of course that there are 3 bedrooms! YAY!!

The Master Bedroom....

We painted our bedroom grey with a green accent wall. Ther closet space in here is great. We have his and her closets. Brad loves this because for once I am not taking over all of his space! I love our new bedding, you will never believe where we got it...K-Mart baby $25.00 and the landlord gave us a mattress that he had bought and used for a week and did not like so we have like a new bed LOL!!! Just saved us $400.00 on buying a new mattress because ours was old.

Tucker's Bedroom

Tucker worries about Bry all the time being all alone, but I think that he will grow to love the freedom of his own room. No more having to leave during nap time, and he can watch movies once again to go to sleep! He has so much room it is amazing!

Bryken's Bedroom

Poor Bry doesnt get to chose what bedspread he has and things LOL, so I wanted to do his room is Safari when I found out we were having another sweet boy. I think that it turned out way cute since I was able to put all the stuff up that came with the crib set! It is so nice to be able to lay him in his bed and know that he is out for the night...even if Tucker wants to watch a movie and be his happy self, our baby still gets in his Zzzz's!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pre School Parent Teacher Conference

My Tucker is the cutest most outgoing kid EVER. I have to say that I enjoy him to pieces with all of his energy bursting out his little ears and all!!! I had a parent teacher conference with his Pre School teacher Miss Summer. She told me how much she enjoys him in her class and how amazing he is when it is time to sit down and be focused on his school work, she said that he does such a great job and she thinks us putting him in all day kindergarden will be great for him. Anyways, he can count to 39, identify all but F, G, and V in the alphabet (in Aug. 2009 all he could identify was his "T"LOL) and he knows all his colors and shapes. I am so proud of him. I realized how big he is and in less than 7 months he will be in school...all himself...I am still hoping that he gets drawn for White Pines Charter School because I believe that it is so much better to have him in a smaller classroom than public school. I think that he will do great!!! Miss Summer showed me a picture that he drew of himself in September they called him the "egg head" because that is what he totally looked like. In November he graduated to giving himself some teeth and eyes and everything..which resulted in him looking like Shrek LOL! But now he drew himself with arms, legs and all even hair, and Miss Summer told me that he incorporates Bryken into all that he does, so in his drawing of himself he drew Bryken at the top and even colored him some hair. So cute!!! I love him so much!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally out of the Apartment!!!

So even though I would love to say we are finally buying a house, Brad and I have found a three bedroom place to rent. We had decided that maybe we do not want to live in Idaho Falls forever, and since I graduate May 2011, we have talked about looking for housing in the Preston area and jobs in Logan. We will see how that works but for now we will be here. I like Idaho Falls, and I am finally feeling like I am fitting in here. I have found an awesome school that I hope to get Tucker into, great friends, my new found friend a 13 year old little babysitter who is so great, and so much more so needless to say, I am content. I do wish that we were closer to Bri in Logan and Brad's sisters as well, and we can not forget out wonderful parents! But we will just see what happens. Anyways, this house is about 10 min. out of town. It has 3 bedrooms (YAY) 1 bathroom, a nice kitchen with a pantry and cabiets galore, a nice dinning area with a built in cabinet set, a large family room, a huge bathroom, tons of storage :), his and her closets, a fireplace...okay and the best parts...a huge back yard with a trampoline, a fire pit, and a HUGE garden area that has a sprinkler system!!! I am so looking forward to planting and it also has apple, pear, and cherry trees. We are so excited! We started painting the bedrooms today, it was fun! I am so excited to not be so cluttered and to have room when family comes up to stay. I cant wait to be able to have BBQ's at our place for once and enjoy the company of others. WE can finally have a kitchen table LOL!!! We will so have room!!! There is still some updating that needs to be done, like in the bathroom, but we will get to that!! I will be taking pictures and posting them for sure!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Little Inspiration!

Today it dawned on me that next week I start another semester of school (only 2 more after this YAY) on Tuesday which means more long nights, stressful days, and sadly even though I try my hardest to make sure that my kids and husband are not put on the backburner, it will happen to an extent. Finals weeks and on those weeks when each class has something important due at the same time I will feel myself start to feel overwhelmed. Brad hopefully will be around home for a while so that may help, but if not and they send him to other places, I will be all alone once again. I never really knew how hard it was to do all of this, but as a great man once said "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." I believe that with all my heart. All of my hard work and dedication will pay off and my family and I will have great blessing from it all. I was reading today and found this quote on a friends page which is what sparked my feelings for this post "This is what it's all about, all the other stuff really does not matter".... WOW! Well it made me realize that I am so happy and I have the best family ever. Our boys are so amazing and Brad never fails to surprise me every day. For example, today I had our whole day planned :) so we woke up and left the house at 9:30 in search of a new car seat for Bryken. We drove to Blackfoot, back to Idaho Falls and then around to every store possible until we ended up at K-Mart, finally a car seat!! Then we decided that we would quit talking about it and just go buy a Sams card. Tucker and Bryken both fell asleep and we loaded them into the cart and they slept the whole time. I realized then that they are growing so fast...Tucker almost 5 I can not even believe it, he is so big and so smart. I get told all the time how funny he is. Miss Summer at daycare told me that all the ladies were talking and decided that Tucker is the funniest kid they have ever met. And Bryken, almost 9 months and having to buy a new car seat for that little man, they sure do not stay little. I was laughing the other day because I told Brad "Bry has a six pack" he looked at me puzzled and I started to laugh and said, "On his legs" it was hilarious.

I do know that someday, not too far from now, my little boys will be all grown up and out doing things on their own. Tucker will not be here to crack me up and tell me how much he loves me and missed me while he was at daycare, and Bry will be walking and going down his own path as well, these days are not days to take for granted they are the best days of our life!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Birthday Present

Okay so Brad has an obsesseion with toys, and I have to say that it is rubbing off on me! Tucker and Brad have three remote control trucks that are a blast and Brad has a gas powered remote control truck that is awesome! So I have been wanting one so I can go play with the boys...Brad bought me one for my birthday and custom painted the body just how I wanted it! I love him and how he makes sure that he keeps me smiling! This car rocks my socks!!! See now why I cant wait for the snow to be gone so we can go and play outside?????

Snow....PJ Day.....

Okay so I know we need the moisture and all that jazz but, to come home from a great weekend where it was nice and sunny to this makes me want to gag! I use to love snow, now lets just say I hate it! It is cold, messy, cold, hard to drive in, cant really go out and play unless you are all bundled up which leads to more laundry and cold....okay so you get the point!!! I am so ready for Spring and Summer and it is only January!

Today Brad left for another week in Wyoming, so we are having a PJ day.....well kindaTucker wanted to wear his new Rock Star shirt but Bry and I have not gotten dressed. Who cares right, we can be lazy.
We are going to make cookies healthy ones mind you, if there is such a thing. There is a store in Rigby that sales cookie mix made with whole wheat we are going to try some.