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Monday, April 26, 2010

I Promise it is not a Midlife Crisis!!!

Brad and I have been talking about buying a Harley for about two years now. His parents both have one and we love being about to just relax and take a ride. So a few months ago Brad found a bike on craigslist and called on it. We only had $4,500.00 for the bike so when Brad called a guy with one for $5995.00 I was not happy. He told them the amount we had and the guy said that the least he could take was $4,800.00. I was proud of my hubby because he did not say well let me see what I can do, he just told the guy that if he didnt sale it to give us a call. So two weeks ago, he called!!! So we GOT A BIKE!!! It is a 2004 Harley Sportster 1200. It is so much fun!! It definetly needs a sissy bar (because I am a sissy) but that is it! It is in great condition and even better, the bikes are going for almost $2000.00 more than what we bought it for! How could we pass up such a great deal?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monster Trucks 2010

We headed to Pocatello from Malad last Saturday the 17th to go see the Monster Trucks. Grandma and Grandpa Kelly kept Bryken for us, so we had a little outing with Tucker and the parentals!

We have decided that every year we are going to do this. We had gone about two years ago and had fun but now that Tucker is older he LOVED it! He was stoked since his birthday and he opened a Monster Jam shirt with his monster truck tickets inside! I have to say that Tucker was such a trooper! He had an ear infection but did not want to tell us because he thought we would not go!!

So he hung in really good, but he fell asleep about 3 1/2 hours in!! It was a blast though! Cant wait for next year!!

Road Trip!!!

So Shayla is dancing at CEU with the Drill Team so we decided to make the trip to Price to watch their Spring performance! She did such a great job and I am so glad that we made the trip!
Let me just tell you how adventurous of a trip it really was!! First off, we are jam packed in mycar, all three little ones in the back, and Me, Bri, and Mom up front...yes like sardines, we all had seat belts so I assure you it was very legal LOL!!
We stopped at Del Taco in Layton, which I would NOT suggest to anyone...EVER!!! Anyways, Bri ordered a strawberry shake and once we got in the car, Tucker wanted it so he gave her his rootbear and he took the shake, a fair trade for sure! We are driving along on the Legacy Highway and next thing we hear "Oh Bryken, Ka ka!!!" Tucker is laughing and when we looked back, Bryken had somehow thrown his bottle nipple down in Tucker's shake! Mom grabbed and and was so diligent about not getting shake on my car, so we pulled over and got that all cleaned up.
So remember the fact that we are on Legacy...we are all use to just following the as we were gabbing along I somehow missed our exit. None of us noticed the fact that we had gone off track until we were really close to the mountian and buildings. I looked and Mom and Bri and said, "Um I think we missed our exit...this does not look familiar" about that time, we saw the sign "Park City 10 miles"....yep totally went about a 1/2 an hour the wrong way! It was so funny!
Then there was this lady, we were in the fast lane and she pulled right up on our butt and was flashing her lights at mind you we dead in the center of CRAZY ROADS and I could not get over and we were already doing 80 mph in a I was not going any faster! So when I got the chance to pull into the next lane I did, that lady made some gesture and me so then the fight was on. We all know my mother "Lexi now come on we do not need to do this" I was flashing my lights at her and I stayed right on her tail! Stupid Utah driver anyways!!
We finally made it to Price, and we went and watched Shayla perform. It was great and the disco number was hilarious!!!
We had to leave early Saturday morning to get Tucker back to Malad for the Monster Trucks so we pilled back in the car, and mom stayed in Ferron and waited for Dad. So since we had more room this time :) We took some pictures. We met Dad and Quintan in Spanish Fork at the Little Acorn and had lunch. It was fun!!
The kids were actually pretty good!!!
We stopped at this gas station and there was this crazy lady who was being arrested for walking around the store for 2 hours opening things while her dog sat on the trunk of her car!!! It was a fun and crazy adventure!!!! Thanks to everyone for a great weekend!!!

First Hair Cut

Here is little long hair.....

The removal process begins...

The finihed product!!!

Well I have to say that I do not remember first hair cuts being such a pain!!! Bryken tried but he just was not having it! Heidi does such a great job and frankly, that is why I drive to Malad to get my hair done!!! The sad part is that my baby does not look like a baby anymore, he looks like a little boy! I love him so much!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Growing Old Is Fun....Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Brad's birthday was the 13th and I have to say that he never fails to crack me up. I woke up and got dressed and got Tucker and Bryken ready. We snuck into the bedroom and started singing "Happy Birthday" and I asked Brad how it felt to be 27. He looked at me puzzled and said, "What I am only 26." I reminded him that he was born in 83, he counted over and over again and then looked at me and said, "My mom even thinks that I am 26, where did I lose one year!" It was so hilarious! I had planned to make him mush and tell him that it was because I did not think that his old body could handle biscuts and gravy, but after that, I could not do it! It was a laugh for sure. I made him shrimp stir fry and grabbed a cake from Wal-Mart. Remind me never to grab a cake from Wal-Mart. I called it in and asked them to write Happy Birthday Brad on the cake. I got there to pick it up at 6:30 and it just said "Brad". I was like "Oh no this is not right, it needs to say Happy Birthday Brad." The girl looked at me all wide eyed and told me that the lady who does that had gone home for the day! Are you kidding me? I told her that I could write it if she would get me the frosting for hecks sake and she said that she could not do that...Great...So I have this great little birthday cake that says "Brad" amazing! Lucky for me, I have a great husband who just laughed and told me that the cake was great. So as a tribute to my old man, I will list why I love this guy in 26...ooopps 27 ways....
1. He is so energetic and loves life.
2. He will always help me with what I ask, even if it is hanging a picture on the wall or painting one of my new craft ideas for me.
3.I guess he felt old so he shaved his full man chew, he looks ten years younger and he has vowed to never do it again..LOL it looks great honey!!!
4.I lose my cell phone all the time, and I know it drives him CRAZY but he will call it for me every time and help me find it.
5. He loves his boys so much. They are his pride and joy.
6. Okay lets face, I think that my husband is HOT...and because of his great looks we have some cute kids!
7.He is my handy man, it does not matter what I need fixed, he will do it in a heartbeat.
8. When at 6:30 in the morning and he is snug and fast asleep, I can come in and get him out of bed to go out in the rain and heavy winds and he wil help me get the trampoline out of the tree and tie it to the clothes line.
9.He is always telling me how great I look in this losing weight process. I thank him for that all the time and his remarks of "You look great babe" just make my day.
10. He does house work! Even on his birthday while I was at work, he made the bed, did the dishes, vacuumed, and did laundry!!!
11. He helps me with the kids all the time so I can study for the next test!
12. When I am exhausted and just can not keep my eyes open, he lets me take a snooze and he plays with the boys.
13. He loves to drive. We are always on the go and it is great, we are never bored.
14. He has agreed to finally take me to Jackson, I have never been and he hates it but we are so going one weekend this summer.
15. He loves and appreciates the outdoors. We love to be outside and he always makes sure that everyone leaves it cleaner than what we found it.
16.He wants a Harley pretty bad so we made a deal that if he stops smoking we can get one...and he is down to 4 a day (better than a pack and a 1/2) and he is going to pick up the bike Friday!!! YAY!!
17. He is a great cook. He can makes things out of anything and it is always delicious!!
18. He is the best dad. He pays so much attention to these little boys and he adores them and all that comes along with them. I love how he looks at his boys with all of the love in the world!
19. He always had a solution to a problem.
20. He makes me a stronger person.
21. He loves his family and wants to make memories with all the family and he enjoys planning outtings where his sisters and their kids and his parents can come, and he does not complain about my family traditions either, even rolling the eggs down the mountian at Easter. I have to say that Tucker and his dad had a great time doing this!!!
22. Together we are strong and we can accomplish anything as long as we have hard work and dedication. I am glad that he is my partner in crime LOL!
23. He never tells me that dinner is not the best, even after I have tasted it and suggested we go and grab fast food because trying out a new recipie was not the best idea. But when it is he always says "Its a keeper babe."
24. Even if he is not excited, he sure makes me think that he is excited about things that I going to the Hogal Zoo to see the baby elephant! We are so going LOL!
25. He has learned that saving money is great, and he loves having a savings for a rainy day fund...or buying a bike :)
26. Even if it is not a movie he wanted from Netflix, he will sit with me on the couch and watch it.
27. Last but not least, I love Brad because he has grown and matured into such an amaing man, husband, and father. Neither of us thought we would make to 1 year let alone almost 6 with two amazing little boys, but I am grateful and all the crap that we have put eachother through it what has made us a strong couple like we are today. He is my best friend and my confident, and I am loving every single day that I have with him.

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Birthday Boys....

It was definetly crazy this year for the boys!! We first had Grandpa and Grandma's 50th Anniversary Party in Ferron and then the boys birthday. Then we drove to Malad and had a party there for the boys with the Kelly clan. It was a busy weekend but it was so much fun! Tucker loved having his cousins around and playing pin the tail on the you can see Bryken loved the cake! Nan made the boys each a cake this year, Tucker's was a truck and Bry had a lion! They were adorable!!!
Tucker had a blast opening his gifts as well as his brothers!
After the festivities in Utah, we drove to Malad to do a birthday party with the Kelly Crew. We had a BBQ at the park and the kids played games and we had a great time.
I have to say that having back to back parties was fun and in all reality it was not too bad having them together. It am so blessed with these two little sweethearts! I can not believe that we have a 5 year old and a 1 year old! They are growing so fast and I love every second of it!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poop, poop, and more that all I ever see is Poop?

I have so many pictures to post from last weekend but we have just been so busy and I have not gotten to it yet...and more pictures from our Easter Festivities today. But as I was watching my little dyed son all cleaned up and playing battle ship with me, I decided that I needed to post about how much love I have for my two little boys. Tucker is so sweet and has the most creative imagination. I just can not belive how blessed we have been to have him. He is such a little ball of fire and he keeps us on our toes, but I would not have it any other way. He loved to put the egg in each of the colors and thought his eggs were "So cool"...he is so independent and had to do things all by himself. We had quite the expirience last night while we were driving down to Malad...when Tucker is older and reads this I am sure that he will want to kill me but it is too hilarious not to we had just passed the Fort Hall exit and Tucker gets this "Oh know" look on his face and says "Oh dad I have to poop, I have to poop right is coming!" So we think that he is being our little dramatic 5 year old and Brad tells him to hold it and we will get to a gas was not more than a mile before we hear this little voice, "Oh mom, I am squeezing my butt cheeks and they are getting tired...I cant hold it any is coming hurry!!!" Brad and I started to crack up and realized that he was really serious!! So Brad stepped on the gas...10 min later we arrived to Pocatello and ran into the Maverick. As we entered the restroom Tucker turns around and looks and me and says, "Now hang on mom I need to check this out..." down come his pants and this is what I hear, "Oh damn...." Tucker definetly was not joking when said it was coming...sadly he had the hershey squirts and definetly gag worthy! So I had to undress him in the Maverick bathroom and we threw away his undies! He was so embarrassed!
So then today not as if I had not seen enough crap from last night to last me a while, we are at my mom and dads and we realize Bryken has poop coming up and out of his pants..okay now here is where it gets daycare they fed him corn! We all know that corn does not digest right..well not to go into too much detail but can you imagine a portion of corn, whole kernels nestled in poop in a was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! We threw him in the tub and cleaned him up....and he smiled the whole time like he was just the best!
Needless to say, I am so done cleaning up poop!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

50 Years!

It is amazing to think that you could really be with somebody for 50 years. I have so much admiration for those couples who will never let go of the love that they have for each other. March 26, 2010, my Grandma Connie and Grandpa Russell were married for 50 years. It is like that saying "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be". That is so true. We get older, and lose our once amazing bodies, hair turns grey, and yet you still have that special someone who does not look at you any differently and loves you through all the good times and the bad. It was so amazing to see what an amazing family the Nelson Crew started. It started with a young man and woman who fell in love...Grandpa saved my Grandma from a hurtful situation and they never looked back. First came Aunt Lynn...then my mom....and then the youngest yet biggest of them all Unlce Jess. All lessons that my grandparents taught their kids have made us all who we are today. Families are forever, and that will never change. Here is to eternity.......

Grandma and Grandpa did not have a cake at their wedding so Aunt Dashay made this beautiful cake and we made sure that they knew it was just for them. Wylie and his buddy Dusty thought it would be great to decorate Grandma and Grandpa's car. I helped and they were right, it was a blast!!!

Bryken was very curious about Grandpa, he seemed to be talking to him and telling him things that only he would understand. Grandpa would grab his little hands and just look at him. I love the fact that both my little boys have had the blessing from being around this great man.

Uncle Jess looks just like Grandpa, even though he is the youngster, he stands taller than everyone!

We are so blessed to be a part of this family and learn from the values that it possess! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for your great example of what true love really is.