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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Movie Disaster and Flipping OUt!

I can not wait for this snow to be gone! It is melting but just not fast enough. There are many reasons but my number one go and play OUTSIDE. Bryken's favorite thing to do is tear apart the movies. We find him there constantly and have finally decided that we will just pick them up once a day...well night actually once he is in bed LOL.

Tucker is ready too. The trampoline is calling his name!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things....

I can not belive that it is March already! I am so excited because the snow is melting and I can see my driveway...that so means that spring is coming! I love spring! I love all the little animals being born, the grass oh how I love the grass.....I decided that today I would do a posting of my favorite things :)

*My husband! He is so much fun! I do not know how he does it (except the fact that he gets it from his mom and dad) but he knows how to find great deals. These coats are regularly $299 and thrifty Brad bought us each one $50.00 each! They are great! We are excited to have leathers so we can do riding the Harley with his parents! And we will look awesome! LOL! I have to say that Brad has grown into an amazing man, husband, and father and I am so glad that we have him in our life. He has taught me so many things, and made me realize how strong I a really am.

* baby is almost 5! I can not even believe how smart he is and how much he grows everyday! He never ceases to amaze me. He makes the funniest remarks, makes faces constantly and always has us laughing. He is definetly his dad's boy. We finally bought a Wii and this kid can race just as good as Brad, fish just as good, and he is so competitive! Today since the sun was shining Tucker saw all the little puddles forming of the wonderful melting snow. I was carrying in groceries and I told him that he could play on the sidewalk. Well, I came back outside and he had ran in the house, got in his swim suit and was out splashing in the puddles and putting his head under the run off of water from the roof. What a crazy kid! He knows his telephone number, we taught him the song that I learned when I was younger...he has this song that he learned because (now this is so from me..poor kid) he is terrified of the dark, so he sings a song about what things really are in the dark.

*Bryken- this little bundle of joy is almost one and I can not believe that he is so big. I was worried about him a little while ago because in a month he lost 3 pounds...the doctor said that maybe he was having a growth spurt but then he did not grow any inches...he eats tons and you would think that we dont feed him by the way he acts LOL! But he seems to be fine, so who knows what that weight loss was about. Bryken has 2 teeth fully in and 4 more on the top trying to poke through...1 is starting to more than the others so he almost has 6 teeth. He has absolutley no interest in walking, he knows that he is super fast on his knees so that is how gets around. Bryken loves tub time, he splashes all over and laughs it is the funnest to watch him in the tub. I just know that he is still growing so much and there is nothing that I can do to stop it LOL! I am enjoying watching all of his stages!

*The Love Sac- this was the best investment. We start a fire every night and we all cuddle up in front of it on the sac. It is great. I have to say that this will be the only thing about the cold that I will miss.

* this is the coolest site. I have found movies for $3.00 and they are in good condition. It is a movie and book ebay. I love it! The shipping is reasonable as well, I ordered six movies and spend $20.00, not bad.

*My pantry..I love having room to begin a larger food storage. We really had small amount of food storage in the apartment but now we have more room than we know what to do with! I am sure that we will find something thanks to Broulims sales and all the couponing I do.

* this is the best site for new recipies. There are things from quick to long and all the things that I have made from here have been great. I love trying new things for Brad but I still have a hard time eating anything that has to do with fish...yuck....but he loves it and so does Tucker so I have learned that I can things from the water..even if I do not eat it.
* site makes scrapbooking easy LOL! You can do it digitally...I love to scrapbook but I am so far behind and I just can not find the time to do it all :( So this is the next best thing!