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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Iron Man and Boots

I wish I would have taken a picture but I didnt...dang so I just have to post about it, Little Bryken insisted he had to go out and play with Addy tonight in his iron man suit and his boots, no jacket, no gloves nada just that. Next thing I know he is inside and quiet..I go looking for him and there he is in bed in his little iron man outfit. Oh I just love that little boy!!!!

Little Miss Drama

Wow Remi has been a handful lately. You want to talk about a child who can throw a tantrum for hours!!!! She hasnt been sleeping well either which makes it so I dont sleep well and man it is catching up with me for sure. Last night at 4 a.m. when she started her screaming nightly ritual I was thinking to myself how much I would love for her not to be in this stage any longer....then I thought to myself, dont think that she is growing  up so fast and these long nights are just for a while and I will miss them my baby girl.