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Friday, August 13, 2010

Tucker can Ride His Bike!!!

Last night Brad decided it was time to do the dad thing and teach Tucker to ride his bike without training wheels. We had Tucker all geared up: gloves and helmet, because we were expecting some major crash and burn moments. To our surprise, it took Brad holding on to Tucker's seat once and letting go and he had it! We could not believe it, wow that was so easy! We then took him down to the church and rode all over. He thought he was pretty neat. I remember when I learned to ride and bike and I know it took me a very long time and my poor dad running along side of me forever! But not my little Tucker, he is so good at whatever he does. I cant believe how big he is getting! I love him more and more every day!!! Nice job Tucker you are amazing!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just an update....

Well as most of you know Brad and I are expecting our third child in Feb. I have been really sick so I really have no energy to keep up on my poor blog lol! So for now things are great. We miss Brad and he enjoys his job. He says that it is lonely and hopes we can be up there soon...we will just have to see what happens. Tucker starts school September 20....crazy I know! Bry is getting so big and he has nw realized that he can scream...boy does he have a loud little quiet boy has no turned into a screaming monster LOL. We went to Hogal Zoo a few weeks ago and that was so hot, but it was a good time. Brad and I have taken a few rides on the harley every weekend that he has off we make sure we get in some sort of a ride. I know that everyone loves summer but all I have to say is the 90's need to go away!