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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well since Bri and I are prego at the same time we took a picture this weekend, I am huge (days away from birth LOL) so beware and she is about 6 months. Bri and Matt are having a girl, it will be fun to have a neice. I am sure that my boys will torment their little one. And who can forget Shayla we of course had to get a snap shot too. I cant believe that she will be leaving for school this year, in months YIKES. It is fun to see the family grow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tucker's Personality

Tucker is so much fun. I can not get over his contagious smile, those big brown eyes and how much he makes me laugh. He will be 4 on Monday so we are doing his birthday party this Saturday in Malad. I cant wait to give him his gas powered four wheeler...I cant belive that he is so grown up.

One Week!

Well we are down to the wire! One week and Bryken will be the finishing piece to our little puzzle! YIKES! We are so excited! It was funny Brad and I talked last night about both being scared...yeah it is the first time he had admited that to me...of course concerns of "how will we divide our time" and "we have to make sure the Tucker feels included". I know that Tucker will be the best big brother no worries there. It is crazy that they will be 4 years and 1 day apart, ya timing! LOL!