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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Last Days in Idaho...

Brad and I spent the weekend packing up our home :( it was really sad but we are so excited at the same time..Our amazing friends the Martin's helped out with our kids this weekend and I am going to miss the friendships that have formed with them over the last 5 years.
This is my dining room access to anything! Its all in boxes!! Now it just feels like a house not a home.

Today when Brad left to go back to Wyoming it hit me...this was our last weekend living in this house as a family..this was our last weekend in Idaho Falls...this was our last weekend to see friends and go shopping and go out to eat on the town...our last trip to the mall just for fun...there are so many things that I am going to miss about our life here in Idaho Falls. So for the next few days I will be adding pictures of things that have made Idaho Falls our home....

I love this house. It has been the best thing we did when we moved out here! I was worried at first because the landlord and his son live in the basement apartment but, they have helped me out so much! John would come up stairs whenever I needed if it was a mouse that I had trapped and needed him to dispose of, a spoon that I was burning in the dishwasher and didnt realize it...just knowing that I had someone around to look after us when Brad was not at home! He was so great with my boys! When we has mowing the lawn, he never hesitated to let the boys hop on next to him on the riding lawn mower. He really helped me feel safe!

I love having a clothes line! I know it sounds crazy but I LOVE hanging my clothes out to dry.

My baby girls pink wall! Brad took so much pride in turning this room into his little girls space! I am sad that we have to leave it behind!

I love having a day off in the week to pick up my little Tucker from the bus. I am really going to miss seeing his little smile as he runs off the bus to tell me about his day!

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year as usual we had a great time with those we love for Thanksgiving. Since Brad took his new job in January, he was able to spend Thanksgiving and the Day after with us plus the weekend! It was great! We ate some yummy food at Mom and Dads and then we left Malad at 7:00 p.m. to head to Logan to go Black Friday shopping! This year Dad and Quintan ventured out with us..I am not sure that they will ever go again but I KNOW that Bri and I were so greatful to have their help as well as Brad's this year! We were able to get everything on our lists. We did not head back to Malad until 7:30 a.m. Friday morning! Bri and I stayed up all night, we took turns in the lines at Kmart since it was the last store and everyone was exhausted. Those boys pooped out early! We have such a blast doing it!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We found a Place

So everything is just falling into place for us! I was really worried because all of the houses for rent in Pinedale are so crazy priced and I was starting to think that we would never find anything. I called a realtor that my new boss told me to call and it just so happened that her neighbor asked her last night what he should list his 3 bedroom house for...she told him that they going rate is about $1500.00. So he is listing it for $1000.00! JACK POT!!! The bad wont be ready until about a week after we we are going to have to move all of our stuff into a storage unit and live in the "Bachelor Pad" for a week or so....YIKES!!! But the great news is that we have a house!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kelly Family Update has finally happened, our prayers have been answered. I finally found a job in Pinedale. I went up to Wyoming last Friday for and interview with Tegler and Associates. It is a insurance agency. It was interesting how it all worked out..they had posted the job a month or so ago and I just looked it over because it said that you have to be lisenced. Well about three weeks later, I saw it posted again so I called. I spoke with a lady who told me that you have 6 months to study a book and then they pay for your test as well as the materials. She said that it was a pretty easy test and she would send me an application. So I filled it out and sent it back. I waited two weeks and I had emailed her to see if they had started interviews yet and I never heard anything back, so I gave up. That next week their human resource lady from Casper called me and said that she thought that from reading my resume and things that I would be a great fit, so I waited again for Beverly to call me. Then she did!! I was so excited for the interview, and I felt that it went well but I was pretty sure that they would not call me because I was not living there yet....So we stayed the weekend and then the kids and I came home on Sunday. Monday afternoon around 12 I was sitting at work talking to Donna when my phone rang....It was Nancy from Casper. She told me that they wanted to offer me the job if I was still intersted! I told her OF COURSE and we decided that it would be great to start 12/5/11! I started to cry and walked out to where Donna and Sharon were waiting....they asked if I got it and I started to cry and told them yes...Monday was a very bittersweet day for me. I love everyone at Juvenile Probation and it scares me to death to leave somewhere that I am so comfortable. It was hard to tell my boss', but they are such great people and they were very understanding. Meri told me that her and Kyla decided that they are just taking my keys and locking me in and that if I ever need to come back, Meri will find me a job. That really made me feel good and Meri gave me a few hugs which only made me cry more....then today they posted my job and I cried once again! It has been a very emotional few days for me..but here we to a new adventure. We will have our family back together again! So now for the fun stuff
1. So this is my new job!!!
2. This is Tucker's new school. It is only 2 years old (well this is the second school year) so this is when it was under construction.
3. The kids are going to be going to Little Buckaroo Childcare.
4. This is the newspaper for the town :)

I am excited because there is the aquatic center there!! There is actually a lot for the kids to do there.

I found out that there is a dance studio there..and a indoor hockey rink..they have mini football and basketball and soccer. It is going to be a great new adventure that I am so ready to take on!!!

Weekend Get-A-Way

So the kids and I drove to Pinedale last weekend to hang with Brad since he had to be on call. It was a nice quiet drive there and not so much on the way home lol! I also had a job interview on Friday. It snowed like crazy Friday night and into Saturday morning but it was still fun. We drove into town Friday, we got there around 11:30 and right in the middle of town were a few deer eating in the park. The boys were pretty tickled. We stayed at the Baymont Inn and Suites and the kids loved the fact that there was a swimming pool and a hot tub.

Remi finally got to wear her eskimo hat! She looked so cute!

On Saturday we drove around. Brad took us out to R360 and we were able to see where he works. I have to say that I feel much better about where he is now! Working on the rigs is very scary! He kind of has an office job in the oil field lol! Dont tell him I said that though!

Doesnt he look so happy lol!

Bryken loved the big "tractors". He couldnt get enough!!

Tucker thought they were pretty cool too.

Remi was such a good girl. She mostly ate and slept the whole time. She just loves going along for the ride.

Bryken is always ready to "cheese it" ....Brad not so much haha!!

It was really great to be with Brad. We drove around on Sunday and found the Soda Lakes. We saw a huge buck and drove my Ford all over in the snow..I knew we bought that baby for a good reason!!!

Halloween 2011

We stayed in Idaho Falls this year for Halloween since it was on a school night and Brad had to be up at 3:00 to head back to work. It was chilly this year that is for sure. It got dark quick so we did not get very many pictures which makes me very sad :( And by the time we were done for the night the kids were exhausted and in bed before we knew it! Tucker was a skeleton this year. He loved it! Bryken was a ninja and Rem was a lady bug! They all looked so cute. We hit a neighborhood where Donna one of my co-workers lives and when we were at an elderly couples house, Bryken announced that he had to go potty. I told him that we could go to a potty in a moment but the lady insisted that I let him come in and use her restroom because she knows how it feels to have to go LOL. It was so sweet, he told her thank you and off we went! We stopped at a nursing home and to see the look on the faces of those few ladies was priceless! They were so excited. One of the ladies even hit on Brad, it was great. Next we stopped at the firestation and the boys took a picture with the dog. Lastly we headed over to the neighborhood where one of Brads old boss' lives, it was a great night and I am so thankful that Brad was able to be home for Halloween!

Tuckers School Corn Maze Evening

We have really enjoyed have Tucker in a Montessori School. He started kindergarden last year at Monticello Montessori Charter School. I think that it has been good for him because he has been able to really explore different things and learn a lot. He already speaks a little Spanish and he is very smart even if he doesnt want you to know that he is. This year for the fall get together the Idaho Charter School Association put together a family night to the local corn maze. It was free and they had hot dogs and things for free as well. It was really fun to take the kids for a night out of some fun.

Tucker loved riding behind the tractor.

Thats our baby girl! She is so dang cute!!

They had this little area for the kids to bounce around and the boys LOVED IT!!

Bryken pretty much stayed with his Dad. Tucker was off having fun with his friends. How crazy is it that Tucker is old enough to go and play with friends and not have to have us right there :(

They had a area that they made a slide with some old tractor tires. The boys went down that together and laughed. We had such a great time and its amazing how many memories you make as a family!!!


Mom came up to stay the weeked a little while ago and Bri came up with the girls because she had a wedding for one of her friends. It was so nice to have them up for a visit. We all got ready and went to church. It was fun to get a picture of the kiddos looking so sharp!