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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Joys of My Boys

So I could be talking about the little boys, but lets face it, my sweet husband will always be a kid at heart and that is what I love about him. A few years ago Brad sold his snowmobile and has talked about buying a new one the other day we finally bought a new one. Tucker thinks that it is great and we even put Bryken on it. He just held on and was having a great time. Brad took all four of us on a ride in the field, it was so much fun. Tucker told me to get off and let his dad take them for a ride. I realized then that my little boy is really growing up and wants to do everything with his Dad. It is bittersweet.

Sadly, now Brad and Tucker are excited that there is still snow..I have to say that snowmobiles are fun but I am so ready for Summer that it

makes me GAG whenever I see snow. I am tired of being cold and bundling up. I think that we need the water but I cant wait to plant our garden and take the kids out to play and jump on the tramp. Summer just will not come quick enough for me!!!

Valentines Surprise

This year seemed like it was going to be just like the last two...Brad out of town working and "I'll make it up to you when I get home, we will go out" seems to be all I hear lately...Brad left Feb. and was not due back until March 8..crazy long time! Well I was bummed but I knew I had to make the best of it especially for Tucker. So we made Pizza and frosted sugar cookies. It seems to be our little tradition, we make pizza and create something to do with the holiday and bake cookies. I have this new recipie for pie you can do Peaches N Cream or Apples n is the best I bet Cherries N Cream would be great too...
So after baking, we laid down and watched G-Force and started to doze off. Brad called and asked me what I could hear...It was his truck!! I was so excited! It was so great to have him home for Valentines Day and we have also been together for 9 years this month! He wanted to get me flowers and send them to work but I told him that the fact he was home was good enough for me. LOL!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Limes anyone?

Okay so I know that it is a little cruel, but ...when Brad was home last week we were making chicken tacos. I love to squeeze a little lime ..well Bryken thinks that if you have food, no matter what it is he should have some we let him try a lime. Now dont think that we are mean, my mom and dad did it to me and I just fine...we have to learn the hard way on things I guess LOL! He tried so hard to suck on that lime, he made some hilarious faces and then finally after realizing that he was defeated, he threw the lime across the kitchen floor. It was so great!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tucker Plays Ball!!

I love having the YMCA do Pee-Wee sports. A couple months ago we had him in soccer and he LOVED it, he did really well. He is now playing basketball...he loves soccer more LOL! He is really cute and amazing but he does not feel the need to shoot the ball, he just wants to steel it and then pass it to his friends. I tell him that it is great that he is sharing but he can shoot the ball too! The first game he shot the ball once and made it and said "Yes I win!" Well now he has no interest in shooting the ball. He runs down to the other basket and stands with his hands up just waiting for the other team to come and shoot, he can rebound quite well for a 4 year old...if he ever gets into basketball he will make a great Post. He is one of the only kids who dribbles the ball instead of runnin the whole time! Last Wednesday he got hit in the nose and had a bloody nose, he just wanted to run upstairs and get some tissue and get back out to pass the ball! He is the funniest little boy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

How much can a 10 month old really get into???

Bry isnt walking yet and I have to say that I am not complaining LOL! I enjoy him standing up by himself and thinking that he is so big. This kid crawls all over and he is so fast. I turn around and the next thing I know, he is taking all the movies off the shelf, eating wipes, and tormenting his older brother. He is so funny. When we are eating no matter what it is he squeels this little high pitch squeel until he gets a taste. I enjoy watching him smile and grow each day. He has been such a blessing and a joy in our life. Today I recieved a video message from Miss Summer at daycare, they had him down to a diaper and feeding himself applesauce in his high chair. He thought that he was so big and so neat! It is great to watch him smile, he just glows when he does. What a sweet little personality. He is so different from Tucker, it is only 8:28 and Bry has been in bed for 15 min...Tucker is still playing ATV vs. MX Unleashed LOL!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Bompa!

Today is Bompa's birthday. How has the day been? Well rough of course. Nani got the wierdest message this morning it said "From Evert...who is this" she replied and never recieved anything strange. I guess that he was just wanting her to know that he is still around taking care of her. Oh how I wish that he would still be around to watch my boys grow up and teach them the things that he admired most...Heavenly Father, his family, the farm and everything that comes with it...the outdoors, just the joy of life all around us...Bompa appreciated all of it. When we were in Price for the Christmas Party, Brad was putting some lights on my car and needed some tools....we went down to the basement and it was so funny because it reminded me of seeing Bompa down there finding some gadget to fix something. Well needless to say it is just like any other Man Dweling...a mess of tools and nick-nacks that you know he had a place for everything...Brad must have that sense in him like Bompa because he knew where Bompa would keep things...and then I look at his man dwelling and it is just the same A MESS, but he knows exactly where everything is that he needs. I know that they say when we leave this world we leave behind a legacy...well that is so true about my Bompa. He has the best legacy in his family and what he taught each and every one of us. Those things can never be replaced. I often worried that I would forget moments that I shared with Bompa, but I have not and I know that I will not forget them because they are etched in my heart! I love you Bompa...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gone til March 8!!

Well Brad left today until March 8th. I remember when we lived in Malad and he worked for AWS, he was gone for like 3-4 months at a time...and I handled that...but that was 4 years ago and quite frankly, we seem to like each other more these days LOL! Anyways, I am so nervous about trying to keep our little life here in Idaho Falls under control all by myself for 6 weeks!! Life is busy for us up here :) With me working Tuesday through Friday from 7:30-6:00, Tucker has basketball Wednesday at 5:30-6:30, Spanish class Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00..then home to dinner, laundry, housework, more homework for my three online classes, paying bills, and the most exhausting chasing around my two wonderful boys. That made me exhausted just thinkig about all of that...I am sure that I will be loving sleep! And hoepfully I will not have to resort back to coffee or pepsi to keep me motivated :) I have not had a soda in over 13 weeks and it is is hard sometimes because I just really want one but I have decided that having one here or there every couple weeks or so is not bad. I have been on a weight loss group at work and so far I have lost 12 pounds GO hopefully in 6 weeks when Brad is home I will have lost another 12. That will put me 10 pounds off of where I want to be. I have realized that there are things that I take for granted when Brad is around...
1. Now I have to take both boys grocery shopping alone...I shop about every two weeks and I have a large list to keep us going for the next two weeks, needless to say, this is a journey all by itself and I appreciate it when Brad is with me.

2. I am a scardy cat and I will not be lighting a fire while Brad is gone so I will miss that for sure.

3. Sometimes the boys are just not tired when we are so we take them for a quick 20 min. drive and walla-well now I get to do that by myself. Brad can get Bry to sleep in a heartbeat. This was how easy it was for him last night to get our little man to sleep.
4. Tucker and Brad have the best relationship. They wrestle, play hunting on the Playstation....just everything and to know that I can play with him but it is not the same really sucks. This morning he woke up and came running into our room after Brad was gone and started to was sad!!
5. I take for granted how much I enjoy cooking meals for my family. Brad and I did chicken tacos last night and we had fun cooking together. We always do.
I know that there are so many other things that I know I could list but then this post would go on forever! Needless to say, I love that kid and we are going to miss him very much. He will be gone for Valentines Day and our 9 year anniversary...I sent him some stuff in his bag that he does not know about and I have plans to get things sent to his hotel on the 12th for our anniversary and then the 14th...The boys and I are going to ride with mom and dad to Price to watch Shayla dance in a few weeks so hopefully that will make time go by faster!!!!! All I know is that this may be the longest six weeks of my life. I have a huge admiration for all the army wifes out never know when or how long your husbands will be gone and I know it sucks!!