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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The close of the 2011 Blog Book

2011 brought a lot of changes into our life.
1-Brad took a new job at Calpet, which has been a grea thing for our family
2-We welcomed little Miss Thang into our home, and we have the cutest little family ever!!!
3-Dad turned 50 and we took a trip to Lava
4-We took our annual trip to Yellowstone with some friends and had a great time
5-The largest change that happened to our family in a long time was when we decided to move to has been a blessing and I am so thankful that we get to be together as a family all the time.
Until next year.......

1st Wyoming Sledding Adventure

While Bri was up, we took the kids sledding. It was a ton of fun!!! We bought the boys a ski-doo sled for Christmas and it is the coolest little thing, it has breaks and everything lol. The kids love it!!

Tucker flew down the hill on the ski-doo

Belly sledding is a must lol!!

Even Brad had to go down the hill. That is why I love this man, he is so much fun!!

Bryken held on for dear life and he thought he was the coolest little boy on the hill.

Kelty road the ski-doo too. She plays just like the boys, she is such a cutie.

Bryken had to get a turn on the ski doo too!!

The boys totally almost crashed right into Bri, I was laughing so hard at the expressions on their faces, priceless!!!

Kelty and Bry headed down the hill, they loved it!!

Briannas Visit

Shayla came up for a few days and watched my kids while our sitter was in Colorado. We should have taken pictures :( In the middle of the week, Bri came up with her girls and it was busy but a lot of fun. The cousins love eachother.

Christmas 2011

This was the first year in about 5 years that we have had Christmas at our house. We usually haul all of the gifts to our parents, but with three kids this year, we knew that would be crazy!!!

So we opened gifts here and then we went to Malad. It was kind of a crazy Christmas because we had only been in the house for about 2 weeks, but we made it work.

The start of our new life....

On our way into Wyoming, we stopped and took a was kind of our final goodbye to our life in Idaho Falls..I am not going to lie, this has been tough on me...I really loved my job and everyone that I worked with. After being there for so long, you really form some friendships tha are hard to leave behind...but this is the best thing for our family, and we are starting to make friends and fit in really well. It going to be great. We have so much more time to spend as a family, and in all reality, that is all that matters.

Our New Place

Okay I know this is a little behind schedule, but I have been taking pictures like crazy because I want to have them on my blog book that I take down to Utah in April......So here is the new place!! It doesnt look like much but let me tell you how expensive rent is up here and how crappy the houses are. Average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is $700.00. If you want a house..good luck. When we first started looking we found a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 batrhs, it was pretty good size and it had a garage but only 2 bedrooms and $1500 a month..we were starting to get worried. We found a a place 12 miles out in Boulder, up a hill, in the middle of a field lol for $1500...just as we thought we werent going to be able to make this happen, we lucked out. Our rent is $1000 a month and this house is not ran down at all. We really got lucky with this one. Like I said, everything just fell into place for us this time. Its 3 bedroom 1 bath, but it has a huge back yard that is fenced and in the alley, you will frequently see a herd of deer. Its kind of in a subdivision, so that makes it nice since people dont fly up and down the road. There is a bus stop not even a block away, but its been so nice to be able to drop Tucker off at school every day.

The kitchen was updated just a few years ago and we love it. We have a nice pantry and plenty of cupboard space.

Everyone up here has their fireplace blazzing every night and we are not exception lol. It gets cold and the fireplace keeps our house nice and toasty.

Remi's room does not have a pink wall by any means :( and it is a little small so in order to fit her bed and wicker furniture, we had to take off her closet doors. It actually looks cuter than I thought it would.

The boys still have to share a room, but so far they have managed well. They have their bookshelf in their reach in this room and they love it. Since the room is smaller than the other place, their poor closet is stuffed lol, but thats okay.

And this was our view on moving day...its pretty cool actually.

My job is very busy and I there is never a dull moment that is for sure :) Insurance is a very busy workload. I work at the "mother office" or so they call it. The Pinedale Office is where all the owners are and we are the largest of the 15 in Wyoming. It is neat being a part of a fun crew. I have really learned how different life is here in Wyoming. I am so use to Mormon being the majority, that is not the case here. Catholic is huge, and it was strange to me our first Sunday that the relief society only had maybe 20 ladies total. The thing that has been great, is how excepting everyone is her of everyone else. Our daycare is only 3 blocks away, it is called Little Buckaroos. It has been so great, we really lucked out here as well. Its in a home, and Miss Judi has 4 kids of her own. Kiya is 18 and will be leaving for school this coming fall, she is really great and even came over and watched our kids for 5 hours so we could go to Brads Christmas party in Evanston. Nickolas is 9, him and Tucker are great friends already. Tucker (her son) is 3 and him and Bryken play like little mad men. Her last is 6 months and he is a sweetie too, so my kids fit right in. A girl that I work with also takes her little boy Jackson who is 2 there as well. Every Wednesday, Tucker goes with them to Sparks. It is a thing for their church for kids 5-12. So it is kind of like mutal or young mens, just for the younger generation. Tucker has really enjoyed it. Tucker was struggling in school, I think that the montessori aspect that I was so sure about, was all wrong. But he is working really really hard, and we have seen so much improvement in him already.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Weekend Ritual

Well...since we have been in Wyoming our weekend routine has really changed :) We use to wake up and go shopping in Idaho Falls...we just bummed all with no Walmart close or a mall..we take drives. There is so much land to see out here, we have so much fun just going for a ride. There is some amazing wildlife! We had moose in our yard the weekend that we moved up here, and when Tucker ran to the back yeard, there was a herd of deer. It is pretty neat that you go driving through town, and the deer are just all over.

Yeah, that buck...he is so mine in September lol!

These rock formations are so cool. It is crazy to drive around and see so many cool things. There are tons of lakes within a 10 mile radius!