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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Easter on Cedar 2012

It has been a really long time since we could go eastering at Cedar Mountain....this year we were able to go and it was a lot of fun. I remember so many years of throwing eggs at our parents from the top of the mountain....sliding down the white hill on cardboard boxes and Uncle Scott taking us back up on his dirt bike....the Wheeler kids always and I mean always finding a cactus and falling into it.....catching horny toads....four wheeler I could go on forever about how much fun we would have. It is also great to make new memories and teach our kids traditions and carry on the Winder Legacy that my parents enstiled in me so many years ago. I am so proud to be who I am and to have the family I have been blessed with.

Quintan and Tucker on Nan's wheeler. Tucker loved Unkie taking him all over
Shayla, Dad (and Tessy Messy), Brandon and Danielle.....

Remi and Kennadee. They loved playing in the sand...boy did they get covered.

Kelty was the little driver for Gary. She thought she was pretty neat....and she was :) I love her!!!

Dad always is giving a face haha! Shayla and Tucker...they are best buddies. He always tells me when he grows up and goes to college he wants to live with Shayla.

Tucker is such a great big brother and cousin. He took the kids all over..him and his cool glasses lol.

Like I said, she loved the dirt!

Brad and Tucker of course could not just roll eggs they had to peg each other with them....would we expect any less of them? LOL no way, these two love each other so much. It is so neat to watch their friendship.

There is my little Bryken...he is a busy bee. He thought throwing the eggs was a better plan to, he must take after his dad because I am sure I never threw eggs (haha yeah right)

Tucker got Brad in the back in this shot. It was great!

Shayla and Bryken collecting unbroken eggs.

It is great to watch my little family grow. We have always been a close clan, we look out for each other and care. It is so important to be there for everyone in your family in their time of need.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Slacker

Wow I have been slacking lately on my blog..big time!! A lot has happened since Remi's birthday!!! I dont have pictures of everything which is terrible but our lives were a little out of the routine for about 7 weeks while Brandee, Nate and the kids lived with us. It was crazy hectic but still fun. I just neglected things that needed to be done like my blog. The main thing lately is I am studying for my insurance exam. It is kicking my trash, I have never really failed at anything so the fact that I have taken my test twice and came out 1 percent shy of passing each time is very frustrating for me. So here are some updates and then I will post pictures of what has happened in the past 4 months....
1-Tucker was able to raise his percentage in school tremendously, we still put him in summer school but his teacher and Brad and I are confident to put him through to second grade. I have learned that Montessori is not the way to go at least, not with my kiddos.
2-Brad got his raise this year for his eval and he has been doing so well. I am so proud of him.
3-I have been working really hard to loose weight, to date I have lost 40 pounds, lowered my BMI 6% and dropped my blood pressure, I am planning in running a 5k in September called the Dirty Dash.
4-Bryken is growing like a weed and he is very mouthy. He is so stubborn but so sweet. He truly is the sour patch kid. He makes me sing him "You Are My Sunshine" and "Twinkle Twinkle" each night followed with a hug (lubs) and a kisses (kiss). He is so sweet but man, does he have an attitude.
5-Remi is growing like a weed, she still only weighs about 18 pounds but she is getting very tall. She says "thank you", "love you" and "Ucker (Tucker)". She loves her daddy and has him right where she wants him.
6-We went camping here in WY for Memorial in our new trailer and it was a good time.
7-Tucker is playing Little League, he doesnt love it the way I do lol, but he will catch on.
8-We took the boys fishing, Bryken caught 5 and Tucker caught 2. It was a first for both of them.
9-Brad's Grandma Beryl turned 82 in June and we went down to her birthday.
10-David and Kymmy got married so Shayla and I took the two little ones down while Brad and Tucker had a camping and fishing guys weekend. It was great to see everyone and Remi had Grandpa laughing.

Thats really all I can think of right now but once I get my camera out I will post more lol.