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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remi's First Birthday.....

Remington March 2012......

Remington Feb. 22, 2011.....

I can not believe that she is 1.....She has brought so much joy to our little family. Some things about Remi
1-She can only drink Silk
2-She is a D.I.V.A.--hands down way more drama than I ever was!!
3-She hates car rides
4-She is finally growing some hair
5-She loves trucks
6-She loves her daddy and big brothers
7-She has the sweetest smile and cutest little giggle
8-She loves water
9-She hates eggs and ketchup
10-She is trying to walk
11-She loves my bracelets and earrings
12-She is a cuddler
13-She hates headbands

I am so thankful to have this little girl in our home!! She is very petit. She is still in size 2 diapers and is wearing 6-12 month clothes. We have her in some 12 month and they are a little big but she still looks so darn cute. She weighs 18.5 she has gained about 11 pounds this year. Way to Go Little Miss.

My Kids

Tucker---I cant belive he is almost 7! He is such a great big brother. He is doing so well in school and he loves life all the time!!

This little doll is such a diva. She is teaching me more about herself every day. She is very picky but so very loved. I get told all the time that she is gorgeous...I have to admit she is :)

This little monster is just that..almost 3 and thinks that he is 16. He is at that back talking stage...he is just like to sour patch kid commercials...sour and then oh so sweet.
*I have been such a blog slacker lately, between working in the Commercial Lines department at Tegeler (which is so busy all day every day), studying for my exam to become a agent, raising three amazing kiddos, being a wife, and is nuts. So today I am home with Rem and B since little Miss is sick. Soo I decided I needed to take advantage and catch up. I cant believe how fast these kiddos are growing up...too soon they will not be my little kiddos anymore. i am enjoying every single second we have!!

Remi's First Cake

Since we celebrated the weekend before Remi turned 1...we had to give her a cake a home..and boy was it worth the wait!!!
She was such a mess. She was not sure what to do with it at first, but after a few licks of her was Game On!!

Remi's First Birthday

This year for Remi's first birhtday, we went to the fun park in Logan. It was great to have all the family there and fun to watch everyone rollerblade and play wont see a picture of Tucker because quite frankly, he was way too busy lol! I cant believe she is 1!!!
Shayla was the skater teacher as you can see. The boys had way too much fun with her.
Aunt Shay and Little Miss Thang...
Quint and Kenna and Dad and Bryken..Bryken adores his poppie! They are the best of buddies!
Kely is such a momma's girl.
We ordered pizza and drinks, it was great. Easy clean up for me lol!!
I love that little girl!
Kelty..she is so cute and shy......until its time for bed lol!
Daddy sat and opened gifts with Rem. She pretty much has him wrapped around her little fingers. what more can I say about him?
Aunt Brooke, Morgan and Rem.
Out of all her toys, she loved this huge bag the most!
What more can I say...she is a little sweetheart!