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Friday, July 31, 2009

4 months already???

Bryken is four months old today. I can not believe how time has past. He is the sweetest little thing. I love to cuddle on him and watch how Brad and Tucker love on him as well. Tucker can not seem to get enough of his little brother, he makes him smile the biggest smiles, it is the cutest thing ever. Brad makes the kid laugh all the time, that little laugh is like a drug you just want more of it. Byrken's eyes are officially blue, my little dark haired blue eyed boy. We were all sure they would be big and brown like Tucker's but they arent. He is so strong, he is so active for someone who can't do very much LOL. He is so funny, when he is laying on his back he gets his litle legs moving so much and scoots himself across the floor, I am amazed at how far he can actually get :).
He loves bath time. He gets moving in his little ducky tub and splashes water all over the place. He then of course shoots off one of those amazing little smiles that make us all smile right along with him.
I am sure that not too much longer he will have a tooth. His fists are in his mouth 24/7. Tummy time is adventurous for him as well. He gets those knees up under him and you can tell that he just trying to get someplace. I have to say that I have been pee'd on more with him than ever, and man can that kid shoot it!!! I love to just hold him and watch him sleep, he is so peaceful. I am so glad that he has completed our little family. I am enjoying watching him grow, it is a bittersweet expirience for sure.

My Little Chef....

I love having my Friday's off, Tucker and I have made it a tradition that we bake something of his choice. We made an apron last year and it now gets plenty of use. He looks so darn cute in it. His favorite thing to do is crack the eggs. He actually doesnt do too bad of a job.

Water Fun....

We just can not seem to get enough of water :) In Malad there are two resivores within a ten minuet drive so we seem to be drawn to them. It is great to get together, bring all the kids, and just hang out. I love having friends with kids around the same ages, we have been lucky enough to have that back home and in Idaho Falls, it makes times more interesting! I once heard that once you are outnumbered by kids its not good, but I beg to differ the more the merrier :) Okay as long as they are not all mine :). Tucker does so well out in the water with his little life jacket, he will even jump off the dock all by himself.
Brad and Tucker took off on the jet skis, I was definetly a little worried due to the fact that these two boys have two speeds: fast and faster. They wrecked of course, nothing big just tipped over. Tucker just made sure that he grabbed his dad's hat, got back on, and was ready for more....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The List

I couldn't come up with a clever title for this list, so "The List " it is...I have been thinking a lot about goals and things I want to do. I know that Brad and I have some of these things in the works but....I keep saying I want to do things but now I am going to do them. My timeline is to have all this done by next year. Some will take longer of course but I CAN DO IT!! So this is what I came up with. It was hard and it made me realize I need to have more goals in life. I challenge you to make one as well and keep us updated on how well you do. It's great motivation!So here it goes
1. Get all A's again Fall Semester.
2. Find Brad a job where he stays home more often.
3. Continue exercising daily and get an awesome bod.
4. Read the book of mormon
5. Get a new vehicle
6. Teach Tucker to write his alphabet all the way through
7. Quit chewing my finernails
8. Have our house bought
9. Finish my 6+ awaiting crafts :)
10. Go on a real vacation
11. Pay off all our debt
12. Make curtians for my boys and our room.
13. Finish Bryken's magnet board.
14. Get a comfy mattress
15. Take a baking/cooking class
16. Build book shelves.
17. Become completely organized and have a spot for everything
18. Quit drinking soda
19. Make a difference somehow
20. Help my mom with her storage room :)
21. Get a wardrobe makeover
22. Own tons of shoes-you know the little black dress shoes ya I need some :)
23. Travel to Southern Utah more than twice in a year
24. Get caught up on my scrapbooking
25. Finish the cover for Tucker and Bry's scrapbooks (Levi quilt design)
26. Organize all our toys and throw away the Happy Meal ones LOL!
27. Read at least one book a month
28. Sale these lizzards....any takers :)
29. Be a semester away from graduating!!!
30. Have tons and tons of fun times with the Brad and my boys!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Slip N Slide

Today was so much fun. I knew that Brad had some kid left in him but I did not know how much I guess. Tucker and Brad played on the slip and slide for a while. It was so much fun to watch them. Tucker made sure that they took turns racing down the slide. Brad was definetly having just as much fun as Tucker. I love watching how Brad interacts with his boys, he does such an amazing job. Tucker would count down to the time for Brad to slide and boy did he think that was a blast. I know these are memories Tucker will carry with him forever.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


These two little boys make my life amazing! I love being a mom. I do not remember what life was like withouth them and plainly, I dont care. All I want is to raise these two adorable boys!

Tucker Ray Kelly

Tucker is a little harder to cooperate, however he is a little photogenic himself. We caught some great personality shots here.

Bryken Evert David Kelly

Bryken takes such great pictures and Candis captured them so well. I could not believe how happy he was to smile and I am sure I looked hilarious making noises at him ,but who can resist that little smile!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you Candis!!!

We had our family pictures today with Candis, she does such a great job, I can not wait to see how they all turned out. Everyone from Idaho Falls thinks I am crazy to drive to Malad just for pictures. I had to explain that we are here almost every weekend anyways and that I know Candis does an amazing job so why trade now? I am always pleased with the outcome. I have to say that I do not know how she possibly smiled and laughed through the termoil of taking pictures with Tucker, but she did and thankfully she kept Brad and I pretty calm with everything. Even if we did not have family here, I am sure that I would still drive down here to have Candis shoot our pictures. Once again, thank you Candis for everything, I am so stoked!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th in Malad this year, it seems to be a tradition for us. Even though the fireworks in Idaho Falls are awesome, they do not compare to the family times in little Malad. It was a blast this year just like always. I have to say that it was a day of firsts....
1. Bruce and Kelle (my in laws) just bought a new harley and rode it in the parade. They have such a great time on their new toy. Tucker loves to take a ride with his Granpa, Bruce is such a great sport. Kelle enjoys just sittin' back and relaxin'.

2. My dad walked along with the Oneida County Bus and was soaked by his little mischievious grandson, Tucker of course, when he threw a water balloon at him, my dad is a great sport and laughed about it as well as thanking Tucker for the "cool down".

3. I help Kelle every year in her cotton candy booth so this year Brad did a great job of keeping both our boys. Here is the best part, he finally had to change a diaper. Not just one little wet diaper, but even a stinky one and boy does Bryken stink LOL. I was amazed at how well he actually did, it just makes me realize that I really did marry a great guy. He has been the best dad ever.

4. And lastly, Tucker was so excited to be able to catch a ride. He told Brad that he was scared but that he would be a big boy and love it. Brad said that he had an ear to ear grin the whole time. He is so daring and willing to try new things. I love him to pieces.

All about Bry.....

Well Bryken is now 3 and 1/2 months old. I can not belive how time flys. I have not posted anything in a while so here it is... He giggles all the time, it is adorable once you get him going. I cant believe how strong he is. I had him leaning on Brads lap the other day and he sat himself up. It was crazy! They grow up so fast. His big baby blues and contagious smile keep us all rollin'. I catch myself watching him all the time. Tucker loves playing with Bryken, he sings me songs about taking him fishing with him and his dad. I love the fact that he already wants to do that. When he took the little guy in for his shots it wasnt as bad as I thought, he handled it like a real trooper. Three shots at one time I thought was going to be terrible, the nurse was really careful. The first one startled him and he didnt know what hit him :(, on the second that was when he started to cry and man was it a cry, I think by the third he didnt even know it had happened. It seemed like an eternity but in all reality, it only took her maybe 15 seconds to have them all done. I picked him up as quick as I could, and he calmed right down. I was amazed how great he did. That day he weighed in at a whopping 11.5 pounds! Yes I know he is a little hammy.
We have been so lucky with him, he is such a great baby. He sleeps from 10:00-6:00, we didnt get that with Tucker until a year ago LOL! He is really a calm little guy but at the same time he wants to be seeing the world. I am enjoying his little personality more and more each day. I am so blessed to have such great boys, I would not trade them for anything in this world.


Tucker is the best little cook. He helps me all the time. His favorite thing to make is pizza or as he would call it "Rat-ta-tu-e". I love how he says it. Needless to say, every Friday we have pizza night (yes I know Brad and I are good sports lol) and Tucker creates his litter masterpiece. He will take the peperoni, which we have to have every time, and place it in a perect little circle around the pizza. Whatever topping he chooses after that he is so perfect in placing them. And last but not least, cheese, he loves cheese. How can you resist such a yummy looking pizza from my little chef?