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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just the Two of Us

Its crazy to think that in less than 4 months, Brad and I will be married for 8 years. I am not going to sugar coat it and say we have always been happy and in love..because that would be a lie. I have always loved him and he has always loved me, but were we in love??? No...and that took a long time and a lot of growing up to get us there. I do know that he is my best friend, my companion, the father of my three amazing children, and I do look forward to us growing old together and raising our babies...and someday having grandchildren...I cant wait to buy our harley again and go crusin', I cant wait to buy a home with him and continue to make our life wonderful. I heard a quote once "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if you only remember to turn the light on"...that is so true. For Brad and I to grow as a couple, it took dark times and painful events for us to turn on the light and see the good in eachother and what we had to offer. Every relationship has its problems but what makes it so perfect, is when you stick around even when it sucks. I remember when we use to talk about our future we would use words like "if" and now to look at it what were we saying "if we stay together?" Now we say "when" not if. I love this guy no matter how many times he teases me and makes me mad, or throws me off my game, that happens to us all sometimes and that is what makes our life OUR FAIRY TALE!!!

Remi and her Lotion....

Well the other day, Remi was playing in the fridge and grabbed some frosting. I figured she couldnt make too big of a mess because it hadnt been opened yet. So I just carried on doing laundry...then I realized it was very quiet and I have learned from her brothers that quiet may not mean good. I came up the hall to check on her and this is what I found...

Dont you worry, she opened it all by herself. She covered my floor, cabinets and back door. The best part though was when I came around the corner, she was putting it on her arms like lotion. How do you get upset? You dont! You laugh it off and take pictures!!!

Bryken Learning to Ride His Bike

Bryken wants to ride along side Tucker so bad. So we thought we would try to teach him how to ride his bigger bike. It is so hard for them when they are little because they dont really understand the pusing back = brakes concept. He would get going and then hit his brakes and say "Gosh dangit" It was very cute. He about has it!

And of course he is wearing a helmet, Lightning McQueen no doubt. He loved it and had to have that one with the bike bell.


We bought the kids a pool and of course a slip n slide once again...I swear we buy a new one every year. But it is well worth it. The kids love it outside and could play there all day. Its great to know my kids love the outdoors as much as Brad and I do.

I know I know, it is a bikini but I couldnt resist! It was so dang cute!!!

Taking a Walk

One Sunday when Brad was up at work, the kids and I decided we needed to take a stroll to the park. It was so nice to get out since this was about May...and it was still a little cold at times then haha!
Tucker of course rode his bike and I pushed the two little mogli's in the stroller.

Bryken wanted to go higher and higher.

Remi loved the swing!

Tucker ran all over and found some friends so once that happened, we didnt see him much haha!

The park here is just down the rode from our house. That is one thing I really like about where we live in town. We can walk anywhere or ride our bikes. There is a bike trail that takes you right over the river and then the path runs along it. Or you can come down to the park and also a kids fishing pond. The community here is very kid and family friendly, it is a great place for us to raise our children.

Tucker 2012 Little League

This was Tucker's first year in Little League. He has always played T-Ball so this was different for him. He had a good time, and he played with flowers in the outfield and threw dirt. He can really hit the ball when he connects with it and if he wasnt so shy, he could be a pitcher, he has a great little arm. Maybe next year he will be a little more daring. I love him!!!
Tucker's team were the Diamond Backs. His coaches were funny actually, I think it was very hard for them. They had their two little boys on the team as well, and man a team full of 7-9 year old little boys...yikes! Cuddos to them for sticking it out and making it a fun year for the kids.

Those little moments

This was one of those moments when you fall in love all over again. This little girl loves her daddy. She will want to marry him when she grows up and he will have to teach her how important it is to find a man who will love and respect her. He has some boys that he will have to fight away I know it. She is going to be very lucky between him and her brothers letting her know who she can and cant date lol.

Boys New Cowboy Gear & Little Buckaroo Rodeo

So the boys did the Little Buckaroo Rodeo in Big Piney the fist week of July. We had to go buy them new boots and hats...since their feet grow so dang fast. Tucker rode a calf for the first time this year. He stayed on for about 2 seconds and fell off. Bryken rode a sheep for the first time. He made it out of the shoot and fell right off the back of his sheep, it was hauling butt lol. He stood up and said "Stupid Sheep, I wanna go again." They were so cute. I tried to get more pictures but between videoing and trying to keep track of little Rem, that didnt go so smooth haha!

June 2012 Utah Trip

We went down to Utah the end of June for Dave and Kymmy's wedding. Brad and Tucker stayed in WY and had a "guys weekend" so the two littles and I rode with Shayla. It was so much fun, I should have taken more pictures.
Bryken had to drink out of Grandma's hose.

And on the way back to Malad, we left Sat. night around 9 after the reception. Bryken had to have an ice cream, he just loves his aunt Bay.

Remi didnt make it to the ice cream stage, she was out like a light quick.

Rem loved playing outside at Grandma's.

New Truck

Brad has been wanting a new truck forever, so we finally traded in our SUV and he found this. I actually have to say I like it. It has a sun roof, 6 disc CD changer, Sirius radio, rims....and an exhaust system. Oh and a chip lol! Its a 2007 Ford F150 and it does pull our camper better than the SUV did. We always said we could just drive Brad's truck, but if we want to take the camper very far, this one has a lot more room for the kiddos in the back. I didnt think I would like driving a truck and I protested for a while. I was even kinda mad when we traded in the SUV, but I have to admit I am glad we did. I love the truck and even better, I get to drive it everyday lol! So Brad teases that he bought the wife a truck not him....Im okay with that haha!

Dad and his boys

I dont think that my boys would know what to do if they didnt enjoy the sounds of the pit bike as Brad pulls it out, the roar of the four wheeler, and the looks of joy on their faces when Brad takes them for a ride and pops a wiley. They love it! They are thrill seakers just like their dad. Bryken can be dead asleep and when Brad starts up a motor he is awake. Tucker will come running from wherever he is just to take a ride with his dad. They love fishing with him, cleaning the cars if that is what he is doing, fixing or building things....just whatever Brad is doing, they have to be involved. Brad is the best dad and I am so blessed to have him teaching my boys!

Memorial Day Camping Trip

Bryken loves his little wheeler, he would play on it all day if he could.

Here is Brad and his fishing boat.

Bryken of course took the wheeler in the mudd..all over...again and again....and got stuck and pushed himself out.

Little Remi all bundled up. I think she enjoyed herself.

She piled all the sticks together.

Tucker went fishing with his dad and Thomas.

Our poor new camper was so muddy!!!

Brooke and our friend Steve.

Brandee and Nate came up for a bit with their kids. Thomas stayed with us for the weekend too.

Bryken had a blast!

Tucker and Mason were glued to the hip like usual.

So I am still playing catch up, so here are some pictures from Memorial. We stayed here this year since Brad was on call. We got some snow that is for sure but it was still a great time. We had Brad's sister Brooke and her kids come up as well as Brandee and Nate and their kids. It was fun...muddy and cold but still a good time. It rained and rained and then snowed and snowed. The good thing is, we have a TV and DVD player inside so the kids were able to stay occupied and dry.

Camping Up Freemont

 We took the kids up Freemont Lake last weekend for our second camping trip of the the season. It was a lot of fun and the weather was great. We only have a few weeks left of camping season, so I am sure we will be spending a lot of time in the mountains :)
 Best cook ever, on our new camp chef from Bruce and Kelle.

 Tucker caught this fish out on the lake. Bryken had to hold it too. He looks so little with that fish. He loved camping, him and Tucker went exploring all over. He never wanted to slow down, which is pretty constant for this little man. He loved roasting marshmallows and playing pretend. He is an outdoor little guy for sure.
Remi was a little trooper. She played in the dirt forever. She loves marshmallows and probably would have eaten the whole bag if I would have let her. She was so sticky and just played and played. She isnt afraid to get dirty that is for sure. If her brothers were gone, she was sure she needed to be with them.

 Brad took us all on the boat with him and Tucker. This was Remi and Bryken's first time on the fishing boat. Remi thought it was okay for a while but that didnt last long. Bryken just wanted to throw a shoelace in the water fishin and try to reel in Brad and Tucker's poles. It was really funny actually, at least to me haha!!!
 Brad has the love for the outdoors and he has made sure our kids are right along with him. Im glad he is mine :)

 She is such a spaz!

And here it is, Tuckers 24 inch fish. He was so excited. It was huge. He told me that we have to keep it to eat and that I shouldnt feel bad because we eat things we kill, we dont just kill them. Im glad he has that in him as well, he learned that from his dad.

Brad's New Bow

Brad has been talking about boiw hunting forever now so we finally bit the bullet and he bought a bow. He is pretty excited about it. He bought a 2012 Hoyt, it is very nice and I am excited for him to start using it. The bow hunt starts here in September so hopefully he gets an elk :)