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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remi can color all day

Rem loves to color. Mrs. Judy from daycare told me that Rem would color all day if she would let her :) I love this little diva even when she does something like this........
and while I am doing dishes, she so very quietly found my new eyeshadow and bubbles and mixed them...on the floor, in the cupboard, on the rugs and in my make up bag.  That picture is once she was kinda clean below is before lol what a way to start the day!

Jaden Prom 2013

The last few months have been very stressful having a 17 year old in our home, however I am very happy that we have had the opprotunity to take Jay under our wing and help him get to where he needs to be in life.

He was able to go to Prom with a great young girl last night and he looked so handsome. Brad let him drive his car and Jay was feeling pretty cool :)
Cleaned up in his Calvin Klein tux

Jay and Monica before prom

The boys


Me and this boy like he was my own

Jay with his friend Brandon and Brandon's girlfriend Joclyn.

Brad turned 30!!!

It is crazy to think I met this man 14 year ago! I cant believe it has been that long. I love him so much and every day is better than the last. I attempted baking him a cake this was my first "out of the pand" cake lol...and of course it had to be great since he is 30!!! So the cake is a toilet and the poop is made out of brownies haha! They so looked like poop it was great! Everyone went in together and bought him the welder he has been dying to have and a new BBQ grill set. 

He was a great sport about his cake and he laughed. It was nice because we had the family up for Tucker's baptism.  I think it was neat that Tucker was baptised on his dad's birthday. When Tucker was born, it is exactly two weeks until Brad's birthday.  I am so blessed to have this crazy man in my life. He is the best father and husband anyone could ask for. He makes me laugh all the time and even when I am being a big old boob or onery, he still loves me..he may not want to be around me lol but I know he is always there.  You will never be able to tell how old Brad is because he still gets down and wrestles with the boys, tackles Jay, and scares me every time I come around a corner. My life is amazing because of this hard-working man. So here is to another year you old man!!! I love you!!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dont Usually But I Am Going To....

It was last April 2012 I decided I was tired of being fat.....tired of feeling uncomfortable, tired of feeling so ugly...tired of being out of breath in just simple was everything in general. So I took a step on a road that has been long and is still so far from over.....getting healthy and feeling amazing as here is a little of tooting my own horn.....these are pictures of me throught the last year....its crazy and I still cant believe no one told me I looked so bad! I am so thankful for where I am now!
Me and Kylah December 2011..last day at work in Idaho Falls.
Remingtons First Birthday Feb. 2012
Me Late Spring 2012
Summer 2012 at Hogle Zoo

September 2012 Burnt Lake
October 2012 Corn Maze in Logan UT
November 2012, look at my face there holy crap it is much skinnier lol
December 2012

Feb. 2013 Remi Second Birthday, crazy from one year!

Brad and I when the Winder Clan came to visit
I am still pretty proud of myself and cant wait to get rid of this last 15 pounds! But man the last 15 are the hardest lol. I have lost over 65 pounds in a year and I am excited about being able to do things and not dying for air.  I rode my bike a lot last year and I am going to do the same this year. I also did P90x, that was the real jump starter. The hardest thing was cutting out my pepsi lol. Its crazy to think I was wearing a size 17-18 pants and now I am in a 10-11. I can wear pants I havent worn in about 6 years and belts I wore in high school. I have started a workout session called Intense Cardio Circut Training, it is every Thursday on my lunch, my friend from work Jessica goes with me and it is a royal kick your own ass work out. I was sore for 4 days but I cant wait until next Thursday to go again. My current goal lol.......
Ok it wont be bikini bottoms by any means but a cute fitted top, oh yes! So its April here in WY we really cant swim until July so I have 3 months! Its on like donkey kong! Updates will come!

Easter Weekend 2013

This year we went back up to Cedar Mountain for Easter. It is always great to be there....all of us together is great. It does make me miss two very important people who are only there in spirit now, but I am thankful we can go to land that is ours and enjoy eachother.  It was a little short lived this year becaue a storm was coming, none the less, it was great.
The cousins next to the told tree

Little Miss Thang

Brad and I bought Beef this backpack with a gun, grenade and binos for his birthday, and he wore it all over the mountain.

This little boy is getting so big, I cant believe he is 8!

Uncle Tracy with Tally and Austy.

Mom and Dad bought the kids kites for Easter and so did Grandma Connie, the kids brought their kites and the good thing about the that was in the making was the wind for kit flying haha!


Mom and the two little ones blew tons of bubbles

See what I mean about the storm that was brewing....yep and the kite was great!

The old tree

I cant believe how much my dad looks like Bompa in this picture. I love it!

Beef playing in the dirt like usual!

Rem loved it and her dirty face shows

I love this little girl

Beefer exploring with his backpack

Tucker was so anxiously waiting a ride on the wheeler

These boys are my world!

Love this little 4 year old Monster!
These three ladies are my rock! My mother is amazing and a great example of how I want to be. She taught me so much and I realize more and more each day how I am like her. Between our list making, our never ending cleaning, and planning things out to the T. I love that woman more than she knows. Bri is a blast and I am so glad we have became friends over the years. We weren't the best of buddies our high school years but she is a blast! And Shayla, what can I say about her? She is my sidekick and always has been. I love her more than she could imagine and beg her all the time to come and live with me and start a dance studio in WY....she will never think its a good idea but I can try hahaha
We also celebrated the boys 8th and 4th Birthdays at Grandma's which was so much fun.