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Friday, October 19, 2012

My 4 Point

This year I went out hunting with Brad and his Dad. I went last year as well but we didnt see much of anything. This year was different I shot this little guy opening morning. Not a huge deer but a decent little four point.

Swept to Sleep

This is what happens when mom makes you do chores lol, I just make you go until you cant go anymore. Remi was sweeping while I was doing dishes at Kelle's. She was babbling along to me and then before I knew it was quite. I looked down and there she was out like a light. My poor little helper.

Corn Maze 2012

Bri told us about the Heritage Farms in Logan corn maze. So while we were down in Malad for the deer hunt, we took Saturday evening and went. It was a great time and I am glad we were able to go this year. It will have to be a family tradition.
The kids were excited to ride into the festivities on the wagon.


There was a little place to shoot BB Guns and of course Brad took all the kids over to take a shot. Bry thought he was the coolest kid on the block.

Even little Kelty stepped in and took a shot with Uncle Brad. She adores him.

There is my Tucker, he is so big and shot all by himself. I cant believe in less than three years he will be taking  hunters safety. Good heavens where does time go?

There was a pony ride. Bryken loved it.

Pretty sure I have the best looking family ever!

Me and my Princess.

Everyone but Shayla, she ditched the picture idea lol.

Me and my boy before the train ride.

Kenni and Rem holding hands through the maze.

Remi was not into the pony ride at all. When they werent walking she was great. Then life was over as she knew it when they started to move.

The kiddos on the train ride.

Tucker is a little cowboy at heart and he had a great time on the pony ride as well.
There was a huge slide that was pretty fast actually. Brad took Remi down, she liked it.

Bryken is a little dare devil would you expect him to go down anything other than head first? I dont know where Tucker was he was up and down all three slides so many times we could never catch a pic of him. Bri has a shot of me going down the slide and I lost my phone and was sure I was going to wreck!!!
After the corn maze we all went to Golden Corral and ate. It is always a great time to get together as a family. I can never get enough of my neices and my family. 

Life Update

Well I am not going to lie this house buying expirience has been dreadful and that is putting it lightly. Brad and I were so excited to buy a home and man, dealing with Fannie Mae has pretty close to changed our minds. The hot water heater was bad and had to be replaced, the furnace yep bad as well and then to make things better our house we rent is rented as of 11/1 and if we dont close on time the 26th like we are suppose to, we are homeless. It is such a mess and I will be so relieved when it is done!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Story of my Life

Just had to post this is totally me from September to October. I do love my husband and I like being able to catch up on crafts and blogging while he is taking care of his addiction.
Love you Brad :)

Soccer Season 2012

We put both the boys in soccer this year. Tucker of course is a natural and loves soccer. Bryken just wanted to run around and tackle everyone lol. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad we have Brad close, he made it to almost all the games. I am glad that he isnt missing out anymore.
Tucker loves to play defense. He runs as fast as he can to the goal.

Little Miss running around like a crazy child. She wanted to play too.

Tucker has a power kick that is for sure. He is going to excel in soccer.

Love that little baby face.

My princess.

He is so cute!

Remi loves her daddy that is no doubt!!!

And he adores her. She has him wrapped around her finger whether he wants to admit it or not.

Bryken in his little shin guards, he was so cute.

Tucker making a run for the ball.

Tucker's little team. He did well. See the tallest girl...her name is Erin and she is a "tom boy" and Tucker loves her haha!! She lives one house down from us and Tucker would go down there and they would practice in the front yard.

Tucker's First Day of Second Grade

Tucker was pretty excited to start school this year. His teacher is Mrs. Stephens. He grew so much last year and I know he will do the same this year. She has him in some extra reading time and we are helping with his handwriting at home. He is very smart. He does great in Math, and his tests at the first of the year were much better than last. I love this kid so much. I take him to school every morning and just those 5 min we take together once we drop off the two little ones is priceless.

Hogle Zoo 2012

This year for Dad's birthday we all met and went to the Hogle Zoo. It was a lot of fun, Aunt Lynn and Nani were able to meet us as well. We didnt go to the zoo last year, so this was fun for my kiddos. It was pretty crowded for September lol. We went through the zoo and then went to eat at Chuk A Rama YUMMY. It was great to all get together as a family. We are crazy for sure but I wouldnt want it any other way!!!
Tucker was ready to go!!

Tucker makes me laugh

Brad and I bought a new camera so he had to take pictures of everything

Remi loved the monkeys

Bryken and Kelty. They had fun in Bri's sit and stand stroller

Mama and baby. When we went two years ago, the baby was just born. So cute!

Me and Shay...we still look alike lol

Bri and I with a few of the kids. They thought the elephant making noises was fun.

Tucker thought this skull was pretty neat.

This is a great shot!!!

Bald Eagle.

Kiddos in the Eagle nest...we could never get them to all look at the same time.

Little Beefer, I love him.

Brad got a great shot of this tiger!!!

Crazy how much these little ones are all growing!!!

We had to take the kids on a merry go round ride of course.

He makes the funniest faces. He is so busy.

Ya, the only one enjoying this family photo was me haha!!
Tucker my little cowboy!!!
I cant believe how much everyone is growing. Before we know it, our kids will all be grown. It makes me sad but I love watching them grow.