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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brad Remembered...

Okay so let me start off by saying that last year my dear sweet husband forgot my birthday...I have him slack because it is the 23rd and we are so busy with things but two years in a row would have been a bad thing!!! Anyways, I wake up and Brad hugs me good-bye....nothing....we talk twice during the morning...nothing....nothing....nothing so by this point I am sure that Brad has forgotten once again and I was fummin' mad...Well I get home and my sweetheart had a dozen red roses laid on the bed (which he made mind you) a white fluffy teddy bear, and a balloon!!! What a little teaser!! Dang I love him!!!! Then we went to Chandra's house for spagetti and to make my birthday cake! I will just say that the cake turned out super cute and I love it!!! It was a great birthday!!! Thanks Honey for being mine :)

Can I Come To Your Party Mom?

Yesterday Tucker woke up and said, "Mom is today your birthday?" I told him that it was and so he sand happy birthday to me, then in the sweetest voice ever he said, "Mom can I come to your birthday party?'' I grabbed that little kid and told him that of course he could and he gave me the BIGGEST hug ever!!!! I love him.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Four Year Old Drunk....

Okay so on Monday I had to take Tucker to the dentist to have a tooth pulled and a spacer put in. He was such a trooper but let me tell you the story.....First of all we do brush Tucker's teeth and the dentist said that he could tell because there is not over use of plaque (thank heavens at least I can sleep now) anyways.....they decided that Tucker needed a tooth pulled and a spacer put in, and then on the other side he had to get a filling so needless to say, they gave him some stuff that they told me he would seem "drunk" they told me that he would be out but that he would not be in any pain and he would not remember anything about it. Well Tucker was playing with the train set and looked at me and started laughing, I laughed so hard it made me cry. So we went back to a room and they laid him on the chair and he looked up at the movie and started cracking up! Then he slowly turned his head to the wall and his eyes got HUGE he said, "Mom, the turtle is moving"... there was a painting of a Nemo scene and yes there was a turtle LOL! He did a great job through all of it and then once he was done they told me that he would not be able to walk until about 1:00 and around 2:00 he would become combative and there would be nothing that we could do about it. So I decided that I would take him back to work with!!! On the way to work he kept pushing his lip out as far as he could and said, "Mom my lip will not stop growing! It is going to be as big as the world!!!" He could not walk I had to carry him. He tried to color, he could not even stay in the lines and all he could make was car noises LOL! He was so giggly and cute I should have recorded it!!!! I love that kid!!!