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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blog Slacker

Once again I am slacking life has been busy and man I just don't do my blog like I should. There has been a lot that has happened so I will just go through a run down and then I will get pictures up this month since I usually close out my blog book the end of November! I think the last time I posted was this summer holy cow.......

*Tucker is now in third grade and he is doing really well this year.  He seems to enjoy school a little more
*Bry and Rem had to start at a new daycare because the one they had been at since we moved here, decided it was time to stop daycare and take care of her kids. Each one of the younger three have an issue.
*Annie our german shepherd was hit by a car while we were down in Malad for the deer hunt in October. It has been so hard not having her around to play with the kids, to lie at our feet and to sleep with Beef each night. The first few nights he would still call for her and he told me she was like a water person (angel) and she still slept with him.
*Brad and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. Grandma Connie sent us up a anniversary check and we took that and went out to eat at Stockmans. We took Tucker because he was working so hard at school so he could earn a privilege and that is what he wanted to do.
*We bought a boat.
*Tucker had his first ever Halloween party
*We traded in my cute Ford F150 for a Family Wagon LOL. Its a suburban and I have to say that it is really nice to have the space, a tv and leather heated seats lol

I think back around this year and realize how amazing my life is and I am so glad I have it. I will get pics posted soon!!