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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Willow Lake

We took the kids up to Willow Lake last weekend. We realized that there is a bit of a bite in the air and we had better get the kids out swimming ASAP :) They had so much fun.
The boys loved Annie chasing them in the water

Beef loved to dig


Tucker isn't afraid of a little cold water

Tucker was so great about taking her out into the water and making sure she was safe


Brad loves this dog just as much as the kids do


Tucker and Annie could do this all day

Only my daughter lol

Why not get buried in the sand :)


Cutest boys I know

She had to burry herself of course

Best looking man I know




Sun tanning

He thought this was pretty funny

Love this boy
I cant believe that our summer is almost over! It just ends way too fast. I love how much time we are able to spend with each other in these wide open Wyoming skies. These kids grow up way too fast and I know I cant stop them, but I am enjoying watching how they change and who they are becoming.  Brad and I are very lucky to have these little ones.





Brad's Grandma

July 4, 2013 Brads Grandma passed away. We were in Malad helping his parents with the 4th of July booth and I am so thankful we were, they received the call that they needed to get to Downey ASAP and they were able to get there just in time. I feel blessed that I was able to be a part of this family. Beryl was a joy, she always would sing to my babies " I love you a bushel and a peck a bushel and a pec and a hug around the kneck" and she made some yummy potato salad. She fought a long battle with dementia and after about 20 years, was re-united with her husband Ray.  The funeral was sweet with lots of memories shared. Everyone says how much Brad looks like his Grandpa Ray and the boys look just like him as well, what a blessing that she was able to see her sweetheart again after so many years.

Take The Trail......In Memory of my Grandpa

My sweet grandpa went back to heavenly father June 5, 2013. How wonderful of a reunion it must have been for him to see his parents and siblings who had gone before him. I know that the reason he held on so long was because he loves my Grandma so much and just didn't want to leave her. He always made sure that my Grandma was taken care of. The last years have been really difficult watching him suffer. I often wondered why God would leave a man to deal with those battles, but as I have thought about it more and more, I realized that even though he wasn't the young cowboy I remembered, he was still here, and wanted to be here. His ride wasn't over yet, he hadn't come to the end of his trail. When the time came, that his ride was coming to an end, I am so greatful that my parents were able to be there, and that my aunt and uncle were there as well. How peaceful it must have been for him to have everyone there and knowing that his seed had been sewn and he was leaving behind a great legacy. I am sure that he was able to look back at his days and he was satisfied with all he had accomplished and all he had taught. I miss Grandma every day, and I think about my Grandma and my Mom and her siblings and I know that he watches over us daily. His funeral was wondering, such great musical numbers and talks about his life, he touched so many and I know that I am forever changed because of him. I am so glad that all of my children were able to have the chance to know him, and have him hold their little hands and kiss their little foreheads.......

The hardest part of the whole thing, is just knowing it will be a while until we meet again. But there is such greatness in that as well, we have another guardian angel watching over us making sure that we are taken care of. What a great man, I am so honored to be able to call him my Grandpa and to know that he taught me so many things in my lifetime that I will never forget. RIP Grandpa, keep riding fences, until we meet again.