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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just an update....

Sadly I can not get my computer to accept my SD card and it is really starting to make me angry. So this post once again will just be an update...

Tucker started Tball two weeks ago, he is actually pretty good at it. He loves going after the ball, and I think that his favorite spot thus far is catcher. If he connects, he hits the ball very well. The first time it went past the shortstop and the second time out past 2nd Base. He tells me that he really likes it so we will see.

Bryken is doing much better with his breathing. He is getting so big and more silly everyday. I use to think that he was lower energy.....that seems to be the case for the most part except he is such a mommies boy. He loves yogurt and is so funny!

Brad is really enjoying his job. He should have his last test passed this Thursday and get his $2.00 raise, that will make things much more worth having him gone all the dang time. It is really hard because Tucker tells him how much he misses him all the time, but it isnt like I cant let him talk to him...who knows!

Me...well my garden is growing so fast and I am proud because it is my first garden!! GO ME!! I am still working my a** off to lose weight but I seem to be at a stand still so I guess I better figure it out. I am loving living out in the country once again, it is so peaceful. I am enjoying not having school this summer and I know that the Fall semester will come too fast...and sadly I miss Brad like crazy. The weirdest thing is that I miss cooking for him, and having him around to laugh with and watch a movie or go for a is sad but it will pay off in the end...only 2 more years of this crap. I hope I can make it that long because then I will be fully vested from work..if not then we could be heading to Wyoming this time next year...we will see what the lord has in store for us I guess.

Family vacation on Thursday to the Cabin and then Yellowstone, cant wait for some R&R with my boys!