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Sunday, May 23, 2010


After only two days on his breathing treatments, Bryken seems to be responding well. I am hoping that Dr. Olson was right and this is something that we will need to do every few months, and not a more serious case that will need to monitored much closer. I am so greatful that he listened to me. Bryken hates the mask and does cry for a min. and then he gives up because he realizes that mommy is not going to let him up. It is so hard to hold him down when he looks at me with those little tearfilled eyes, I just sing to him and rub his little cheeks and he calms down. He is such a little trooper! On the bright side, Bryken had been losing weight, I have no idea why but he was down to 19 pounds in January (from the 20 he was in December). Well Friday when I had him weighed, he was up to 21.5! YAY!!! Thank heavens, he is so small. I still have him in 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing. Most of the 12 months fall off him, it is so cute! I love this little boy and we are so lucky to have added him to our little family! I am so greatful that Tucker enjoys him so much!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Poor Baby!!!!

Well Bryken has been sick off and on for a while and I have been telling the Doctors for months that it is more than just a cold. So I ended up switching Pediatric centers in January and still was not impressed from when I took him in then...Luckily, yesterday I found a Dr. there who would listen to me. His name is Dr.Olson and he is great. I took Bry in because I thought that he had pink eye...nope...turns out that it is just how he drains instead of having a running nose, it drains through his tear ducts...Then I told the Dr. that he has been sick off and on for over 6 months. He listened to him breathe and asked me if anyone in my family has asthma...Brad does with a combination of allergies. We did a breathing treatment on Bry and low and behold I was right, my baby has asthma. He told me to give him breathing treatments 3 times a day for 2 weeks and see what happends so we know if it is seasonal asthma or something that will be daily. I am so sad for my little boy but so greatful that someone finally listened to me!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Out with My Boys!!!

It was a nice evening yesterday, so when we got home from a long day at work, I took Bryken and loaded him in the stroller and Tucker rode his Razor and we walked down the road. I figured that now that it is nice, we can take a walk every night! Great excercise for sure!! Tucker does a really great job on the scooter and he gets going pretty fast. I was surprised that he did not crash LOL! He is getting so big and is so much fun. Bryken loved being outside and hanging out in the stroller, he just babbled along.

Oh how I love my sweet boys! A little ways down the road, there are some pigs. We walked down to take a look and to our surprise, 17 piglets came running out! Oh my heck they are so cute! Tucker loved them and wanted to touch their noses! Bry sat there and giggled, it was so cute! I love little pigs!

How do I Know That The Weather is Warm???

I am so excited... I cant wait to plant cucumbers, and squash and everything else! YAY!!!

Our front walk is covered i n Tulips...yellow, red, purple, yellow and red together...they are so pretty!!

Our First Real Ride....

We went on our first ride Sunday with Brad's parents and some of their riding buddies: Jerry, Jeff and Amy, Mike and Sheila, and Brad's Parents. Brad's sister Brooke was down and she told me that I had to wear the heaband so I would look like a biker chic...I have to say that it grew on me LOL! We just went from Malad out to Snowville, had lunch, and then came back. It was really a lot of fun and I am glad that we did it. Since Brad has a crazy work schedule now, this may be the only ride we take in a larger group like this...which is sad, but at least he is loving his job so far! We took tons of pictures so here are a few....

These were taken outside of the diner called Mollies.

Brad's sister Brandee and her family met us in Snowville at Mollies and then followed us home in their truck.

We had to make a pit stop so Jeff could try out Kelle's bike. LOL!

The black one here is Jerry's and the white one is Jeff's. And of course the purple one is Bruce's, the middle one is ours, and the end is Kelle's.

On the road again......

Friday, May 7, 2010

Things you cant do as a Mom!

Well I remember when I took advantage of taking time for a long nice hot soothing QUIET bath....or when I took advantage of doing laundry, with no little helping hands and small little ones trying to climb in the dryer, or take the clothes out faster than I can put them in...heck I cant even go to the bathroom in peace! So tonight as I realized that yes, my house was still a disaster from neglecting it all week so I could study, I decided it was time to get with the program. Tucker and Bryken play really well together, sometimes too well. I now know after tonight, that I really do have my hands overflowing with mischief with these two little guys. I headed into the laundry room to load the blankets in the dryer, now when you have learned to do things double time, this task really does not take more than two mins. if that. I was thinking that it was a little too quiet in the kitchen and then I heard some giggling...hmmmm what could those two be up too? Well not to my surprise, my boys had made a mess....but what they made a mess with was the surprise..


I would not trade these two partners in crime for anything in the world! And I wish that I could say that my sweet little angel Bryken did this to himself, but we all know that is not true and he had some helping hands from his big brother.....

Thanks to my kids for keeping me on my until I am old and my kids are grown and enjoying their own little mischievious ones, so long to nap time, bath time, laundry time, craft time and just me time....hello to "stop bothering your brother", "leave him alone", "Bryken dont touch the buttons", "Bryken dont take all the movies off the shelf," "Tucker go to time out", "Bryken stop pulling my hair", "Tucker come here now...who made this mess....oh not you uh huh, are you lying....okay then clean it up" .......oh how I love all those words!!! Being a mom is the most rewarding thing that you will ever do. I love my boys and I enjoy every min. I have with them as they teach my new things and we laugh, smile, and play...what a wonderful world!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Year Ago Tonight....

Tracy Jones passed away one year ago tonight, I can not believe that it has been a year! My poor Aunt Ellie, Uncle Tracy, Courtney and Kara have not been able to have Tally be their homes in months, and I know all the pain that it is causing! I hope and pray that Sharon will realize that Italia needs her family, and they need her. Tracy was the best dad! We grew up together and use to laugh and play all the time. I remember once we were at his house and he had this sweet monster truck. We would drive it over his head and since he was bald, it did not get caught. Well we were geniuses back then and of course me and my long hair had to try it to, yeah not so smart. Tracy sure laughed! Herding cows with Tracy was always an eventful time. From Sox racing away with him and Bompa yelling at him to make her mind (oh Bompa I miss you too), to Tracy and I eating all of Bompa's powdered covered donuts in the back of the truck, me being taken into the horse trailer on the back of the horse (oh yes Tracy thought that was great too) growing older and losing track of each other..and then finding that great friendship again.....I remember him telling me about his struggles as a teenager, and I felt for him and saw how much he had grown and made himself an amazing man through it all. I still remember when I called him and he told me that him and Sharon were getting a divorce, I remember hearing the sadness in his voice, and I knew the pain he was feeling. I have to say that from January to May of last year, I talked to Tracy more than I had in years, so in a way, I have to thank Sharon for that. I remember the last time that we talked, he had that ringback tone, "You and me baby aint nothing but mammals...." we laughed so hard when he answered and I told him it was a blast from the past. I know in my heart that he was needed in heaven and that he is doing such amazing things there, and that he was needed there more than he was here. I miss him so much and pray that Tally will be able to become a part of our family. She looks so much like her daddy! We miss you BIG! Keep a watch over us, I love you and miss you more than words can say!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So it is 8:00 p.m. on a wonderful Sunday. I was sustained today as a member of the Relief Society Board so I get to help choose fun activities for us to do monthly but,....Brad left at 3:00 and I am TOTALLY exhausted! When he left I sat down at this very computer and started researching Addictions and Heredity for my Psychology of Learning class. In the middle of having to concentrate I have a 5 year old who just wants my attention, a 1 year old who just wants to eat and a house that is now disasterized! The pillows are all over the floor from Tucker building his fort, the floor under the table is covered in Cheez-Its and bananas from Bryken...O need to fold my fresh laundry and this paper is really hard and in all reality, I could really care less about finishing this paper at this point...then I take a breather and remember that I am so close to being done with school YAY, my house can be cleaned tomorrow and my sweet boys are just that sweet! So I thought okay, what are some things that you love to do on Sunday?

1. Cut out coupons-I love to coupon. It is kind of an addiction but it saves us a lot of money as long as it is something that I would normally buy.

2. Now that it is warm, well kind of, I enjoy taking my laundry out to the clothes line! I love having a clothes line.

3. Being home all day with my family and not having to do anything.

4. Baking-it had been a tradition that on Sunday I always make some kind of a dessert. Well with Brad being gone and me working on my weight loss, I did not make one today, instead I gave the boys bananas and chocolate syrup.

5. Sleeping in.

6. Taking a nap-today Brad and I took a nap while the boys did, it was much needed, and hey who can reject the time to snuggle with your honey :)

7. I dont think that we ever drive into Idaho Falls on Sunday, we stay at home and just focus on family time.

8. Menu Planning-Sunday is a great day to plan out my menu for the next two weeks. I also have to add in all the crap that comes along with a new week but, it makes me feel more organized and accomplished.

Sundays are great! And not only that but, it is the Sabbath and I love spending time with my family! I can not even remember the days without them. Life would not be at all what I wanted without my three boys!

New Beginings

Well, after searching, fasting, and praying for months that Brad would find a new job, it finally has happened. Brad got a job working for Badger in Big Piney, Wyoming. He left today and officially starts tomorrow for 7 on 2 off, 7 on 2 off and then 7 on 3 off. It will really suck because we will only have one weekend a month together. But, it will be really good money. It is not like we have been doing this living apart crap for almost 6 years anyways and at least with this job, we know his schedule and we can make plans. We have made plans as to what we want to have accomplished by the end of this off the harley, pay off my car, and buy an SUV. Brad and I have decided that we will purchase some land up there as well and put a trailer house out there for him to live in while we build a home. I plan on staying here until I graduate next Spring 2011 and then moving up to Big Piney. It may be longer because at work, if I stay until August 2012, all that they have paid into my retirement I get to that could be a good thing as well. We will just have to see what happens. I am thankful that he has found a job that has some opprotunity, and not just a dead end.