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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Tree Adventure

 Well this was year two of our Christmas tree hunting adventure. We actually found a tree the first trip this year. We went up towards Green River Lakes first and took Moose Gysum Road. We saw a wolf running down the road and bear tracks. It was very pretty up there. Then we went to Half Moon and that is where we finally found our tree. I loved taking pics of my family they are the best thing in this world.

Me and Rem pulling "kissy faces" she is such a doll

The "burby" with our Christmas tree strapped to the top lol. Like I said before this rig makes me feel my real age, but it is a nice ride and such a great fit for our family.

Beef was doing snow angels

Half Moon....breathtaking view

Brad after he shook some trees to see if they would work. He was covered lol

 Isn't she just a doll!!!!

There was a ton of snow

My new hat Brad bought me

The kids playing in the snow at Half Moon

Tucker went straight to the water

These two  boys are so much fun, I am so blessed to have them be mine. They are the best of buddies....most days

This is what 8 hours of Christmas tree looking     exhaustion looks like, aren't they sweet. This man never misses a chance to snuggle with his kids. They love him so much and I am so lucky to have him in my life and get to raise our three amazing kids with him by my side.

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